Anger: Harness or Eliminate It?

Angry LionThere is much to be angry about these days. Injustice abounds.

In it’s healthy state, anger is a natural emotion that lets us know when when things are not fair, just, or when boundaries are violated. It’s an energy than can move or motivate us to take right or necessary action.

Like any emotion, anger has it pros and cons. On the one hand, it can correct injustice, it can stop oppression, and it can prevent disorder. In an unhealthy distorted state, it can cause violence, cruelty, chaos, and fear as we are seeing all around us.

There are also varying degrees of anger from irritation and annoyance to indignation and rage to depression if it is turned inward.

The short answer to whether this emotion should be harnessed or eliminated is…it depends.

I’ve harnessed anger in the past to save my life.

When I walked into a sporting goods store in a daze many years ago to buy a gun to end my life, thoughts of my two children snapped me back into coherence. I got angry instead and used this as fuel to take some hard but necessary steps out of my hopeless despair and redirect myself 180 degrees in the other direction. So I know the force this energy can have for the good.

However, I’d like to give an energetic perspective about this powerful energy.

Since I have been expanding my ability to vibrationally measure the frequency of things, measuring anger has become a helpful barometer.

After measuring and eliminating, sometimes daily at first, the energies of the martyr, victim, and shame, I decided to start measuring the energy of anger…I’m always my first experiment. I noticed that I had about 55% anger. Just like my martyr energy which was also initially 55%, I didn’t identify myself as a suffering martyr, nor an angry person.

It was only in retrospect after I had eliminated these energies that I could feel the difference. After clearing this 55% anger, I realized I previously felt easily annoyed, especially on the freeway. I had little tolerance for unconscious or unaware people. It was easy to be critical and judgmental of others. I was mildly edgy. It felt good to have a strong workout at the gym.

After I released this angry energy, through an energy clearing, I noticed I was calmer, had more patience and was less pushy on the freeway. I had more tolerance and compassion for people who were struggling while at the same time not feeling like I was being sucked into their life lessons.

As I started measuring the angry energy of clients and those around me, the degree of anger I felt from various people seemed to correspond to the numbers I was coming up with. When I originally wrote this article in January 2017, I discovered that the vast majority of people (about 95% in the US) were hovering about the 50-55% range. If you were to ask any of these people “what are you angry about?”, they would all tell you…”I’m not angry.” I would venture to say that most people who are at 50-55% anger would say they are fine with that and can keep their anger in control.

Now, as I measure in more present time where our country is just entering the energy of the total solar eclipse, first time in more than 100 years, and there is  massive chaos sweeping the world, the anger levels on the planet are at 95%. People are now feeling their anger.

While that may be true that most people control their anger, anyone who is interested in keeping their vibration high, which is where all your deepest dreams and desires exist, will want to eliminate this low vibrating energy. Dr. David Hawkins put this energy at 150 on his scale of human consciousness. (His scale goes to 1000. The scale I created goes to infinity. Breakthroughs to infinity are currently reached around 250,000. )

Based on the Law of Attraction, even the smallest amounts of this energy can attract more of it. Ever notice how when you are angry, there’s usually someone to bounce some of that anger off of?

In the long run, it can’t be sustained as a healthy way to live to have this low-grade, low-vibrational energy permeating our energy field. I believe this is the cause behind many things like high blood pressure, ulcers, migraines, and even some acne. The angry teen years are often accompanied by acne and the struggles they face…pun intended.

I also believe anger is the number one destructive force in relationships, right behind the number one destructive behavior…lying.

I’ve even seen this anger in the spiritual community, often masked as passion. If these were to eliminate this angry energy and address the unhealed adolescent, they wouldn’t need to announce how they could give a fuck what other people think. Once this energy is eliminated and you operate from the empowered adult, you become motivated by your true passion instead of anger. You can stand in your confident power without going into bitch mode.

Martin Luther King comes to mind as someone who was motivated by his deeply inspired passion. His anger was only 15% and 0% shame. On the other hand, someone like Donald Trump clearly operates from his unhealed adolescent with 100% anger (as of this writing) and 95% shame.

I’m just the messenger.

Another important reason to eliminate anger is because this is the energy that The 1% feeds off of. The more you hold onto any anger, the more you are feeding the dark forces on the planet. We each need to do our part in managing our energies.

So to answer the question whether anger should be harnessed or eliminated, I vote for elimination to allow for a much higher altitude and attitude knowing our anger can always be accessed when we need it. When I work with clients to eliminate their angry energy, it’s the unnecessary, silently brewing excess that is being removed. You will always be able to access your anger when it is needed.

If you’d like to know where your anger levels are, this is just one of a dozen energies I measure in my new Personal Vibrational Temperature Report. This is an invaluable tool in assessing vibrational health. It can be accessed here: