Launch Your Rocket of Desire on This Spring Equinox

space-shuttle-992_1920If you are serious about launching your rocket of desire, use the energy of this powerful Spring Equinox!
The Spring Equinox is the start of the astrological New Year as the Sun moves into Aires, the first of the 12 constellations. This is also a time of perfect balance between light and dark. What better energy to set your intentions than this balance of energies.


How to set your intentions:

  • Fill in the blank:
    I AM so happy (blessed, grateful, honored, supported, etc.) and feel so (excited, thrilled, joyful, loved, appreciated, cared for, nourished, etc.) now that…
  • For the Following 9 sections:
  1. Theme: (Expansion with Ease, Pleasant Surprises, Infinite Joy, etc)
  2. Career/Job
  3. Mentors/Guides/Knowledge
  4. Health/Family
  5. Wealth/Money
  6. Fame/Reputation
  7. Love/Relationships
  8. Children/New Beginnings
  9. Travel/Helpful People

This will create more balance in ALL aspects of your life.

The more people that work with these energies as they set their intentions for this next quarter, the more powerful a group transmission can be sent around the planet. Sending the energy of balancing the dark and light forces on the planet.


No need to get into a big ol explanation of what those are dark or light energies are. Suffice to say…the world is terribly OUT OF BALANCE.

We’re not only out of balance with the dark and light forces on the planet, but also the balance of masculine and feminine energies. In the US, I have found the masculine energies to be at 100% and the feminine energies to be at 55%. These should both be at 100%. In California where I live, the feminine is at 90%. I believe this is why the Dali Lama said it would be the Western woman that saves the world. I help my female clients reach 100% feminine.

Back to launching your rocket of desire.

Perfect time to follow up your intentions with a vision board!

Vision BoardYou can do your own, or if you’d like help creating the most powerful vision boards on the Planet, use my Dream Architect Tool Kit. The Dream Architect Workbook, included, will tell you step-by-step which are the most potent pictures, the best colors, and the correct elements to use in the most powerful places on your board. Also includes the special magic sauce activating meditation, workshop video, webinar, and worksheets.

Whether you do mine or your own, the main thing is to DO one.

If you’ve been paying attention to energies, we just passed through two eclipses…on February 11 the lunar eclipse and on February 28 the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

I was receiving some powerful downloads in Costa Rica during that time coming home on the 28th, also my partners birthday. No wonder I received so much healing from the water there. I discovered I could ground through shallow tide-pools and the crashing waves against my limp body felt very cathartic. Not to mention standing in the warm waters while sun gazing…not for everyone. However, for me, this is where I received many downloads of information on those powerful beams of light. Just like fiber optics carries information.

What information? You never know until it unfolds as new information. It will show up as something new you didn’t know before but feels completely true.

To no surprise, the expansion has already begun.

I’ve done the LIVE Dream Architect Workshop every quarter for years because I love, Love, LOVE creating my own vision board and teaching how. When I returned home, spirit asked me the make this my last one. I said, “Are you sure?” They said “Yes”.

Join us near in Sausalito, CA for the LAST LIVE Spring Equinox Dream Architect Workshop CLICK HERE OR far as an online webinar in 17 countries, Sunday, March 19, 2017.

I keep asking, how does it get any better than this? I can’t wait to find out!