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Quantum Leap 30 day Program

  Looking for private, one-to-one guidance and specific-to-you energetic clearing?   Are you a conscious entrepreneur who has not yet mastered the money piece? You feel abundant but not with money. Do you have a meditation practice, say affirmations, practice yoga, worked with other coaches and STILL are not seeing results? Are you in a […]



Premium Quantum Leap ~ 1:1 Program

Change Your Relationship with Money and Find Peace of Mind, Attract More Clients and Money Without Hard Work

I will share my personal experience and insights that I have not seen anywhere else that accelerate your ability to create, receive, and grow your money goals. I will be teaching you the steps I have discovered in the past three years that have taken me from bankruptcy to earning a 6 figure income. These same steps are helping my clients who are also now generating 6 figure+ incomes.


The Energy of Money 6 Week Program

6 weeks to a new loving, supportive relationship with your money!

Others have created new jobs, increased clients to overflowing, and gotten clarity about a new direction to take. This has enabled them to get caught up on bills, go on a long overdue vacation, hire help, and enjoy coming home to a sparking clean home. Mostly they are just more relaxed about life and enjoying more peace of mind.


Dream Architect Transformation

Experience the Dream Architect Process | The most powerful vision boards on the planet!

This is far more than just putting your favorite pictures on a board and hoping for the best. There are vision boards and then there are VISION BOARDS ON STEROIDS! If you are one who likes the BEST, discover a newer, more successful approach honed over a decade.