If you are ready to end your economic oppression, ready to stop being influenced by the top 1%, desire to ride the front wave of energetic transformation with the newest downloads from infinite intelligence, and ripe to quantum leap into your next level of success, joy and fulfillment… this MAY be for you!

This next group project is being entirely lead by spirit’s direction.

It was inspired by a video I recently saw about the economic oppression by the wealthiest family on the planet, whose net worth is more than $350 billion. I measured their mind and spirit vibrations which are both at infinity…they access infinite possibilities. However, I measured their anger and shame vibrations which are both at 95% and the most disturbing was that their heart chakra was at 0%…completely closed. All the current world insanity immediately made sense…

This inspired me to go to a sacred place in nature to heal myself of all karmic connections to this family as well as the ways the 1% control humanity. Spirit informed me that I would process this self-healing over a period of 3 months (instead of the usual 5-10 days). Spirit also asked me to get the support of 10 people to help me integrate this massive shift that will have a huge impact on that part of humanity ready to make a quantum leap in evolution, while participants get specific and personal support for their own massive transformation into their next level.

If this sounds intriguing, watch this video FIRST which you’ll find on my personal Face Book page through this link …you may need to scroll down a bit:


This inspired this next group program…


Who this is for:

  • High level healers and light workers, gifted coaches, wizards, magicians, and master manifestors.
  • You are an adventurous risk taker who is ready to explore an unknown energetic world full of optimism and held in loving support from divine intelligence.
  • You feel the depth and resonance of this call and feel guided by spirit.
  • It makes the hair on your arms stand on end. You are covered with truth chills.
  • You feel disturbed by world events and desire to be a part of the solution as we generate a group mastermind open to unlimited possibilities for ourselves and the planet.



  • To provide a container of support for Kimberly while she integrates a recent clearing expected to take 3 months to integrate. You will be her mirror so she can see in herself what she can’t see on her own.
  • To provide participants a container for accelerated growth and support for your next level of success, ascension, and evolution in the highest vibration possible.
  • To experience a more effortless approach to transformation…being energetically taken to the highest vibration possible, where all your greatest dreams, desires, and  intentions exist, and then watch everything in your life that can’t sustain this high frequency begin to shift.
  • To provide results that are amplified through the synergy of a group harmonic field…POWERFUL Stuff!!
  • To end your personal economic oppression by the powerful 1%.
  • To operate from an empowered abundance mindset allowing the Law of Attraction to work in your favor.
  • To empower you to master your energy.


Agenda Overview:

  • Even though this is a group program, it starts with a super powerful private 1:1 energy clearing session with Kimberly so everyone can start on a more even playing field and then a private 1:1 session each month.
  • This program is done over a 3 month period to allow non-supportive habits and thinking to be replaced with your own personal truth.
  • We will meet each week to be sure everyone maintains the highest vibrations.
  • You will see literal measurable numeric results as I use my gifts to measure your vibrational frequency three mornings a week via text.


You will experience the following:

  • Release outgrown spirit guides that prevent access to your next level of evolution.
  • Take “hard” out of everything connecting you to freedom.
  • Allow access to greater clarity and your personal truth.
  • Eliminate fears of being seen and heard.
  • Step out of the herd mentality and into your greatest gifts and passion.
  • Embody 100% of your inherent masculine & feminine energies.
  • Feel safe and grounded in any environment.
  • Release self-judgements that plague you with low self-confidence.
  • Discover the magical “WE Space” which is the key to healing any relationship.
  • Learn why you should NEVER cut energy cords and a better way to release those attached to you through this subtle form of manipulation, including past relationships.
  • Feel safe to open your heart and allow love to reflect the beauty, joy and splendor of you.


What’s included?:

  • (3) private 60-90 min 1:1 sessions – the first to get you off with a clear start and then one each month.  ($1500 value)
  • (7) group clearing sessions (including individual energetic temperature reading each time – 60-90 min) ($2000 value)
  • (7) Group Q&A sessions for lasered mentoring, recorded so you can listen to emailed questions later. (60-90 min) ($2000 value)
  • Personal Vibrational Temperature Report ~ 10-12 pages ($49 value)
  • Emailed questions answered Monday – Friday
  • BONUS #1: Pre-recorded 6 week program The Energy of Money ($497 value)
  • BONUS #2: Pre-recorded 6 week program The Energy of Love ($497 value)
  • BONUS #3: Dream Architect Toolkit ($79 value)
  • BONUS #4: Guest Teacher ~ Oona Mourier,Phd Evolutionary Healer, Mystic Educator and Sexologist, will be supporting us each week as she contributes her magical ability to clear sub-conscious beliefs. (Value ~ invaluable!!)
    She will also be doing your human design. ($200 value)

Dates: (All sessions are recorded in case you miss any.)
May 25 – August 31

  • First private 1:1 sessions ~ schedule immediately
    Personal Vibrational Temperature Report received before session.
  • Group Clearing Sessions ~ e/o Thursdays @ noon PST
  • Group Q&A ~ e/o Wednesdays @ noon PST
    Thursday, May 25 ~ Opening Circle
    Thursday, June 1 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, June 7 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, June 15 ~ Group clearing
    [Vision Board – June 20 Summer Solstice/ June 23 New Moon]
    Wednesday, June 21 ~ Q&A
    Wednesday, July 5 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, July 13 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, July 19 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, July 27 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, August 2 ~ Q&A
    (August 7-13 Kimberly away at Stargate Summer Camp)
    Wednesday, August 16 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, August 31  ~ Closing Circle

 Program FEE: (Over $6300 value)