The Energy of Money 6 Week Program

6 weeks to a new loving, supportive relationship with your money!

(You will receive a new weekly group class every week for 6 weeks.)

Pre-recorded 6 Week Group Webinar 

Program Promise:

Change Your Relationship with Money and Find Peace of Mind, Attract More Clients and Money Without Hard Work


Recovering from a bankruptcy in 2009, I set out on a mission to heal my own relationship with money and lack mindsets.

As a healer, I wanted to know the energetic mechanics of why some made money easily and others struggled endlessly. I applied 16 years of experience as a full time healer, sacred channeled knowledge I received while deep in the Amazon jungle of Peru, and information from Dr. David Hawkin’s book “Power vs Force”. Once I discovered the energetic alignment necessary to attract and generate money effortlessly, I made $6000 in five short days. I set out to duplicate what I had learned and my clients had even better results. (SUCCESS STORIES BELOW)

I will share my personal experience and insights that I have not seen anywhere else that accelerate your ability to create, receive, and grow your money goals. I will be teaching you the steps I have discovered in the past three years that have taken me from bankruptcy to earning a 6 figure income. These same steps are helping my clients who are also now generating 6 figure+ incomes.



Details of the Program:


What Does the Program Include?

1 hour class per week for 6 weeks – half is educational on the energetic mechanics of how the energy of your money interacts with your personal energy and the other half is an energy clearing to help raise your money vibration…the critical key to your success. This clearing portion each week will be also be your daily meditation as each week’s meditation builds on the next.

(2-3) Q & A Group Calls – receive personal lasered support for your specific issues.

BONUSES ~ Videos: Grounding, Raise Your Wealth – 3 part series, How to Remove Energy Cords,             6 Phases of Running Your Energy

Chakras 101 / Aura 101

Private FB Group – “Wealth Without Worry”


Success Stories:

“When I first started working with Kimberly, I was tired all the time, confused, and almost paralyzed as to what direction I should go. Kimberly´s 6 week program The Energy of Money helped me find the trust and believe in myself and my abilities to make money. The regular feedback and support due to the Q&As really got me back in flow and now I can see my way clearly outlined!”  Sabine Mützel, Germany


Another client who completed Kimberly’s program received a check for $10,000 out of the blue from her mother who she hadn’t heard from in a while. She felt it was miraculous!
C.H. – USA


After listening and applying just the first two weeks of The Energy of Money, 6 week group tele class, a client reported…”Something really powerful has happened! I have been doing the running my energy meditation nearly everyday for at least a few minutes in the morning and before I go to sleep…I have released 3 people from my life – one most importantly was my roommate / friend who has been late on rent & has exhibited spending patterns and money patterns very similar to the ones that I am releasing… same w/ the other 2 people, living from very low money vibration energy….

So incredible! – I knew when I started that meditation that certain things would be “releasing” from my life, but I wasn’t sure what… all I can say is I already feel lighter & I am continually making better money choices already…this is magical!”
NB – Los Angeles, CA


Others have created new jobs, increased clients to overflowing, and gotten clarity about a new direction to take. This has enabled them to get caught up on bills, go on a long overdue vacation, hire help, and enjoy coming home to a sparking clean home. Mostly they are just more relaxed about life and enjoying more peace of mind.


What Will Be Covered?


❖ WEEK 1 ~ Money Mindsets

The 2 main reasons why is it so hard to make money?
Why does money stop flowing?
How does money get blocked?


❖ WEEK 2 ~ Making and Manifesting Money

Learn the importance of your invisible energy system as it relates to money.
Where do money blocks exist in your energetic field?
How can you remove them?


❖ WEEK 3 ~ Keeping and Managing Money

Discover why and how to keep your money vibration high.
Do you unconsciously make your money feel unwelcome?
How to treat money like a lover…
Is magical money thinking dangerous?


❖ WEEK 4 ~ Leadership and Communication

How to step into your money power and break through the forbidden topic of money?
How to have effortless money conversations…
Discover how communication cords can block your money and create energy leaks.
Discover why cutting cords is dangerous and a better way to remove people who are attached to you and sapping your energy and causing you to think their thoughts.


❖ WEEK 5 ~ Money Team

Who you need on your team and what to look for to help you manage your money?


❖ WEEK 6 ~ Leverage and Invest Money

How to make your money work for you…
Will you have enough to retire?


Pre-recorded Webinar – $497


Includes 3 LIVE Q&As, bonus videos and more…