What Is Ascension and Can Yours Be Measured?

woman-849221_1280I used to think that The Ascension referred to a time when people would be mysteriously lifted up to the clouds as they dematerialized. This wasn’t an idea I was taught from the cult I was raised in, but more of an idea that I though other religions believed. The thought always created some fear and uncertainty about possibly seeing something so bizarre.

What is Ascension?

What I have personally discovered it means in a more practical sense is evolution. As the vibrational frequencies of the Earth continue to rise, these directly affect everything and everyone on planet. Some people are calling this process awakening, the shift, or the ascension.

No matter what you want to call it, the effect it has causes people to question…maybe everything. Maybe you’ve begun to wonder what you are doing with your life and if there is supposed to be a point to being here. You may long for something different, better, more life affirming…and yet you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

This creates a lot of anxiety for people, uncertainty. Many will distract themselves with temporary activities, yet the inner longing for more continues. This feeling, I believe, is what creates the evolution of humankind. This deep desire for a better life is what helps forward thinkers to develop creative ideas into something that can have massive impacts for humanity. So whether that means generating ideas for bringing clean water to more people, stopping human trafficking, or being dedicated parents who see the future in their children, we all play a part in creating a better life on this planet…whether it seems like we are part of the problem or part of the solution.

Initially, in the lower vibrations, one is more concerned with themselves and just making their life more joyful and fulfilling. However, as the vibrational frequencies raise individually and a person begins to enter higher sustainable vibrations, they begin to expand their concerns outwards towards their families and then towards their communities. As these energies expand even higher, one will begin to think more globally. The ideas they generate begin to have a more expansive impact.

No matter who you are and whether you are conscious of it or not, we are all in a personal metamorphosis. This affects people on all levels…body, mind, spirit, and soul.
You may experience unexplained aches, pains, flu-like symptoms…the list is endless. (Be sure to check with your doctor to eliminate more serious conditions.) This questioning I mentioned in the beginning is part of this ascension process as you begin to eliminate all thoughts that do not support these higher elevations. As a reminder, your thoughts create your life.


In this ascension process, your spirit may become depressed, feeling like you want to isolate, and feeling misunderstood. Your soul may long for connection as you may feel lost and without direction.

Becoming more conscious and awake to this ascension, evolution, and raising of frequencies will help you to be more compassionate to those less aware. It will help you to be more patient with those who are unconscious, and still asleep. This is a process and everyone is awakening at their own pace.

The challenge can be in determining if you are distracting yourself from your process by trying to help others as they grow. If you are a healer, coach, or mentor and getting paid as such, then that is your profession and life purpose. That is different from offering unsolicited advice and help when someone has not asked for your help. It’s been said that “help is the sunny side of control.”  Often the best thing you can do for others who are still asleep is to focus on your own process and become a way-shower. Let others see what is possible as you create an amazing life of wealth without worry. As you raise your vibration, this has a ripple effect on those around you.


Can ascension be measured?

Yes. Those who have been following me know that I have a special gift of being able to measure vibrational frequencies. This is how the discovery of how awake or conscious you are can be determined.

I discovered this gift when I started using the scale of human consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs ForceI have used this scale for the past 4 years. While this is an awesome body of work that he pioneered, much of it has become obsolete as the Universal energies continue to rise.

Dr. Hawkins developed this work over a period of 20+ years as he measured the vibrational frequencies of  tens of thousands of things using muscle testing or kinesiology. The two most important things that he believed that are no longer true are; first, that you could not change your vibration by more than a few points in a lifetime. The second is that only people like Jesus and Buddha could be in these higher calibrations of 1000…that is how high the Hawkins scale goes.

When I was first introduced to this scale, the person measure me at 750/1000. Hawkins believed 700-1000 was more of the enlightened range. Although I knew I was more intuitive than most, I certainly didn’t feel enlightened. I guess I though I would need to be able to perform sensational miracles like turning water into wine or walking through mountains.

However, because of training my intuitive abilities every week over a period of twelve years, I trusted what I knew and measured with these calibrations. Because of knowing that raising our vibrations was a good thing, I started paying attention to what raised and lowered my vibrations and that of my clients. I discovered there was a correspondence between these higher calibrations and how I felt more at ease and more joyful. I eventually started applying this to the vibration of money and got corresponding results…more money with less effort and worry.

I have reported previously that after coming out of the Amazon jungle for the third time after working with the Shamans and ayahuasca back in September 2015, on my birthday, that I finally broke through the Hawkins scale and was able to measure things beyond his scale of 1000.

Initially, I measured a newly found phosphorescent tree from the jungle that was thought to be a legend and myth. It was said to have the highest vibration of all jungle plant medicines. It is now protected and measured at 2500.

By January 1, 2015, my vibrations had reached 4000 with the help of a four day intensive with the Stargate meditation at Mt. Shasta. This is an inter-dimensional doorway that accesses spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and star families all carrying higher vibrations. A couple months later I reached 7,500 with the help of a local San Pedro ceremony. This is another sacred plant medicine used in ceremony. Shortly thereafter, I reached 10,000 as I worked through the energies of a car accident I was in. Higher vibrations doesn’t mean it’s all magic and cotton candy. Sometimes our spirit calls for a faster change.

hot-air-balloon-586693_1920Then finally on May 18, during a Stargate meditation, I broke through the scale so there were no more numbers to count. I had reached infinity. My next challenge is staying in the elevated vibrations on all levels.

I’m telling you this, not because I think I am better than anyone else…saying, “wow, look at me!” but to show you what is possible and to show that this ascension process can be measured.

I am an explorer, have no idea where this is leading…other than higher and better. I love a good adventure. I am leading the way and letting you see if I’m headed to where you want to go.

What have been the results of all these higher vibrations? Well, I still can’t walk on water nor levitate, but I do know that I am not worried about anything, even if things get challenging. I made over $100,000 last year and paid nearly $12,000 in taxes. I’m not flying under the radar anymore because you can’t gain any altitude that way. I have more joy, love, and passion in my life….some developments I will save for future revelations. I feel blessed!

These higher calibrations also lead to deeper growth not accessible previously. Since a healer can only heal others to the extent they have healed themselves, I am always growing as an evolutionary being and finding new places to expand into. I have reached a new level where I can’t quite access some energy blocks to deeper love on my own and am starting to work with a new coaching couple, Rick and Grace Paris. Can’t wait to see what is next!! As I reach calibrations from a more embodied adult perspective, you will continue to become the beneficiary. How does it get any better than this?

If you need help with your ascension process, getting through your stuck places leading to more joy, love, abundance, and money…or whatever is your heart’s true desire, let’s chat. Set up your complimentary Money Breakthrough Assessment here: https://www.kimberlysherry.com/schedule/