The #1 Reason You Are Not Making More Money

Simply put…your money is not at a high vibration. 

More and more people will be paying attention to the vital importance of keeping their money vibration high.

I’ve seen many people time and time again who are full of love, who meditate regularly, who think nothing but positive thoughts, and know their life purpose, yet they still struggle with making a significant income.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that like energies attract like energies. Therefore, if your money vibration is low, you will tend to attract clients that can not pay you, unexpected bills blind-side you that do not allow you to get ahead, or you lose money.

If you have limiting beliefs that reinforce this lack by saying things like; “I’m stuck in a financial desert”, “I can never get ahead”, or “In this economy you can’t make a decent living”, this will only compound the problem.

How can you raise your money vibration?…

The good news is that it is easier than you think!

By simply using your free imagination, you can do an easy meditation and visualize your money’s vibration raising.

Here’s how it works:

  • Imagine a large pile of money in front of you…make it as big as you like.
  • Attach a grounding cord from the base of this pile of money to the center of the earth.
  • Watch other people’s energy release from this pile down this grounding cord.
  • Start releasing your mother’s lack mindsets and your father’s limiting beliefs, whether they are still alive or not.
  • Release the energies of your partner, spouse, children, people you owe money to, clients, other family members, business partners, ex-husbands, ex-wives, and anyone else you can think of that may be affecting your money.
  • You can release until it feels clear or you can measure the vibration by dowsing, muscle testing, counting, or any other way you are able to get intuitive answers. The number can be based on Dr. David Hawkin’s scale (from 0-1000).
  • Once the vibration of you money is high, this is now a clean fuel source and can be added to your energy field.
  • Imagine a gold stream of energy, representing your high vibration of money, going up your feet and through your legs. As it meets with your grounding cord at the base of your spine, allow it to flow down your grounding for a short distance and then create a circle of energy at it goes back up your feet and legs.
  • Next, start pouring this high vibrating money through the top of your crown as this gold stream of energy resets each of your chakras at this new high vibration. You may need to let this high money vibe sit at each chakra for a bit so it can recalibrate to this new energy.
There are several videos on my website that demonstrate this method I created. You can check them out here.
I suggest using the video: Raise Your Wealth Frequency Meditation Part 2 first and then adding the above meditation.
This is something you would do on a regular basis like brushing your teeth.
There is no way to know how soon or how big you would begin to manifest more money. However, you can be certain that…without a high vibration to your money you will NEVER be able to manifest consistent wealth, prosperity, and MONEY. Even if you won the lottery, you would soon become among the statistic of those who lose their money in a few short years, without a high money vibe.
FINAL NOTE: While this will help you with being able to raise your money vibrations and vibrations in general, it will only be able to help you to a certain extent. You will eventually confront, discover and bump into energies that you will not be able to move, dissolve, or clear on your own. These energies hide in the shadows behind the fears that keep you feeling safe, however, they also keep you small.
When you’ve cleared as much as you can on your own and you discover some deeper stubborn energies that just make you feel sluggish, discouraged, worried or fearful…it’s time to get help from an expert. That’s when it’s time to connect with me. The most successful people work with trainers, mentors, coaches, and guides. You can set up your free assessment here: