The 9 Best Healthy Foods to Store for Emergency

nuts-73914_1920Whether you are planning for dooms day or just want to be smart in the event of an emergency, having healthy food stored safely can help to ease your mind.

While I do not believe the world is ending anytime soon, I do believe the earth is undergoing the same massive transformation we are all feeling.  This is resulting in unprecedented natural disasters in unpredictable ways.

I am a strong believer that the elevated fear sweeping much of society can be completely avoided by three important steps:

  1. Raise your vibration. (fear vibrates at 100/1000)
  2. Change your grounding cord daily (the energy is changing every day) and run your energy to keep it flowing.  Review the videos on my website if you are unsure how to do this.
  3. Plan ahead and be prepared for an emergency.

Instead of planning ahead in a state of panic, hysteria, scarcity or hoarding, get grounded and calm and raise your vibration before collecting food you would like to store.  Otherwise you will put that energy into your food.

Before you start storing your reserves, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to have on hand would be plenty of clean, pure drinking water stored in glass bottles in a cool dark place.  I know we all know that, but have you actually done it?

I have prepared a list of foods I believe are the best because they all vibrate at 1000/1000, except where noted.  These are preferably organic.

How did I decide these evaluations?  The scale is based on David Hawkins scale of measuring the energetic vibration of things in his book: Power vs. Force.  I figure out the numbers by counting by 100’s until it feels like I am getting close, then I count by 10’s and then by 1’s.  These numbers can also be verified through kinesology if you would like to test them for yourself.

This list is with the vegetarian in mind so all can benefit.  This is what I have safely stored away (except the alcohol).

  1. NUTS – raw almonds, walnuts, cashews, pine nuts
  2. SEEDS – raw sunflower (roasted 993/1000), alfalfa, and mung (for sprouting), sesame (for tahini or humus), popcorn (for popping)
  3. GRAIN – quinoa, millet, buckwheat, (rice 995/1000)
  4. BEANS – lentils, dried garbonzo
  5. DRIED FRUIT – (no nitrates) raisins, bananas (papaya 950/1000) (apple sauce – 962)
  6. BOTTLED JUICE – cranberry
  7. CANNED VEGETABLES – (beets 943) (olives 947)
  8. MISCELLANEOUS – lemon juice, olive oil
  9. and for you drinkers…I know it’s not a food…ALCOHOL – vodka, (red wine – 995)
Because I can hear you saying “what about this and what about that?”, here are a few items you may be wondering about that are recommended in other emergency food lists:  canned tuna – 858,  black beans – 705, honey – 647, graham crackers – 475,  pecans – 394,  apple juice – 375, canned peaches & pears 373, oatmeal – 335,  Spam – 333, canned green beans – 315, beef sticks – 355, beef jerky – 238,  instant coffee – 89, canned milk – 43, soda – 25.

There are too many varieties to check these, but BOXED SOUPS are a great idea – (check expiration dates – last @ 6 months – 1 year) (black bean from Trader Joes – 995).

To your health and wellness,

PS – If you have something you would like me to check, e-mail me: