Work With Kimberly ~ 2018 Price Structure & Options

There are now 9 paid options to work with Kimberly and 3 free options

Work with Kimberly Mind Map


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FaceBook ~ LIVE every Friday at 11:11 PST for Friday’s inspiration…@ 10-15 min.

YouTube ~ Will be adding new ones from my 2 day live event Wealth Without Worry in Sonoma, CA

MediClearings ~ 5 Meditation/Clearings designed to help you raise your money vibes, release the energies of martyr, victim, shame and anger, access more or your love energy, gain comfort for those affected by the North Bay fires, and one to harness the powerful energy of the 2/2018 lunar eclipse.

Monthly Membership ~ First month is FREE to try.



Monthly Membership ~ ($49) First month is FREE to try.
(1) Global Q&A and (1) Global Meditation

Personal Vibrational Temperature Report (PVTR) ~ ($49) Pre-requisite to work directly with Kimberly.

NEW Group Alchemy ~ ($125) 1.5 hour session with group of 5. Each person will get about 15 minutes of personal support. All will receive healing as each person gets support. The day and time will be determined based on the time zones of the participants for each group.

2 Hour Hands-On-Healing ~ ($250) about 1/2 the session is an energy clearing and the remaining time will be spent on the table. Since Kimberly travels much, this has limited options. Inquire about availability beforehand. (PVTR is a pre-requisite)

Rapid Alchemy ~ ($444) a private 1.5 hour session with 2 Group Q&As. (PVTR is a pre-requisite)

Quantum Leap ~ ($750) Personal Vibrational Temperature Report, 1.5 hour private session with 30 days of support, 2 Group Q&As, temperature text 3x’s a week, includes bonuses as well. (PVTR is a pre-requisite)

Premium Quantum Leap ~ ($950 x 4 or $3500 full pay) View the full program in the link…