3 Lessons From The Amazon Mosquitos

MosquitoDid you know the mosquitos conquered the Spanish conquistadores. This is why the Amazonian jungle was never conquered.

Needless to say, the mosquitos were one of the biggest challenges while on my recent adventure into the Peruvian jungle. It seemed that no natural repellant was completely effective since we chose not to use the more effective, yet very toxic substance, DEET.

After-bite care was the best way of managing bites.

However, on the broader scale, I believe everything has a lesson…especially when things are challenging.

Lesson 1: What’s bugging you?

The greatest metaphor of the mosquitoes is to take a look at what’s bugging you in your life?

On my first trip to the Amazon jungle in Peru three years ago, I recall one of the participants nearly had a meltdown because of the annoyance of his bites. At the beginning of our journey in the hot and sweaty jungle, he went mostly shirtless exposing his ripped abs. The mosquitos loved him…and there was no going back.

He was also someone who was on the arrogant side and a bit of a know-it-all. He was also easily annoyed and noticed those small faults in others.

By the time he had enough of the mosquitos, it was too late. Now he had to deal with the after-bite itch. Since he had so many bites, it became over whelming. I’m not sure if he ever got the karmic message about over-noticing the small irritations of others and looking at everything that bothered him.

I noticed on both trips that those who were less bothered about things in their life in general, were similarly less bothered by the mosquitoes even though they may have gotten more bites than others.

If mosquitoes tend to love you, it may be your lesson to look at what is bugging you in your life and notice how you may be over reacting, holding grudges and annoyances, and learn to let go and stop trying to manage the comfort of your own life by controlling others.

Then there is the medicine of the itch…

Lesson 2: Like Acupuncture

Every place you get a bite can be significant. It is often along meridian lines and when you scratch your bites it activates these meridians. This is similar to the way acupuncture works along meridian lines.

Additionally, different parts of the body correspond to different aspects of your life, much like the sections of your home in Feng Shui. For instance, if you get a lot of bites around your ankles this can signify that you need to have more fun in your life and be more mobile like when you are dancing.

Lesson 3: Be Prepared

The best advice I could give if you’re going to the Amazon or any place where you are expecting mosquitos, is to plan ahead! Sounds like a no-brainer and yet we often wait until it is too late.

Planning ahead means to have enough of repellant and after-bug-bite care products. I found “Sting-Eze” to be the most effective. I brought five sticks for the two-week adventure and used all of them up between the eight of us.

Second, make sure you put repellant on before you encounter these buggers. They don’t like the wind, sun, or rain. Therefore, if you are in the cool of the shade, after dusk, or indoors, be sure you are prepared.

We got the most bites the first night when we arrived to camp after dark because of late plane arrivals. We had done no preparation before we sat down to eat dinner and put our exposed legs under the table. This was one of their favorite places to hang out and wait for their fresh American meat to be served.

Additionally, use Permethrin treated clothes. You can also buy Permethrin to apply to things like bed sheets and mosquito netting. Be sure to be covered as much as possible and sleep under a mosquito net. I chose to be sweaty over the bug bites.

In summary, mosquitoes like some people more than others. Therefore, if you know you are one of them, be prepared with a good natural repellant that you apply well before you are exposed. Stay covered as much as possible with permethrin treated clothes. If you do get bites, use an effective after-care treatment like “Sting-Eze” to avoid itching and possible infections. And lastly, see if the message of the need to look at “what’s bugging you” applies. Maybe you are over reacting to things you can’t control. Mosquito medicine can teach you how to let go.