The Universe Speaks

Universe SpeaksMaybe it’s because of the work I do that I pay attention to subtleties everywhere and find that the universe is always speaking to me.  I get answers and reminders all the time, even when I’m not looking.  Sometimes they literally just jump out at me.

Take today for example.  For months I have been pretty darn happy.  Nothing has seemed to upset or annoy me too much.  I have been choosing to focus on positive things and surround myself with positive people.  I not only appreciate everything in my life, but write down what I am grateful for.  I have fun creating vision boards where I can see and admire my intentions every day.

But today, even though I woke up happy, I suddenly found myself very frustrated.  I learned that a document I had faxed last week had not been received.  I was now a week behind!  I found myself in an old behavior where I was rude and upset with people on the phone.  Everyone was so stupid!  I felt very angry and hung up on them, cutting off their “Is there anything else we can help you w…?”   These people had done nothing wrong.  They were just doing their jobs.  But they were the targets for my frustration.

Then I stopped for a moment and even said out loud “How did I get here?  How did I get so upset when moments before I was fine?”  I have a large portfolio that holds all of the pictures and words I have cut out to use on future vision boards.  The portfolio was beginning to slide off its shelf and I reached down to push it back.  Out popped the word “suddenly.”  I thought, ‘suddenly?  Suddenly what?  Hmmm…what is that supposed to mean?’  I gave the portfolio another little push and another word appeared from below it:  “happy.”  Suddenly.  Happy.  Suddenly Happy!  And I got it.  Thanks to this little conversation with the universe, I could remind myself that I can choose to be happy.

I had been mad at myself for not checking up on the fax I’d sent like I wanted to.  I revealed a part of me that felt stupid and I allowed self-judgment – just old stuff.  But I know I’m not stupid and I can choose to have different thoughts and beliefs about myself.  I chose happy and sung a happy song as I bicycled to resend my fax, reminding myself that things always work out as they should.