“8 Arches” – A true story…



A true story of transforming a lifetime

of extreme struggle into ease…

By Kimberly Sherry



I LIVE a peaceful yet adventurous life.

I love the minimalist life balanced with lavish escapades.

Traveling is a necessary part of my journey. In the dozen years since my divorce, I’ve visited many sacred, historical, and beautiful sites. Some of my favorites were Canada, Ireland, Guatemala, Italy, Turkey, Greece, seven islands in French Polynesia, and Peru.

It’s an honor and privilege to work as an energy healer with people all over the world. I recently spent two weeks in Buenos Aires where I mixed business with pleasure. While there I worked with clients back home in California as well as Switzerland, Canada, UK, and all over the US.

The most life transforming trips were spending over two weeks with the Shipibo shamans deep in the Amazon jungle three different times. I participated in their plant medicines, including ayahausca every three days for 15 days. Spiritual bootcamp…it was life changing.

I feel fortunate to have amazing people in my life where I am surrounded by love.

Usually I’ll see the brightest side of things. Ahhhh….enjoying life with no drama.


However, my life hasn’t always been blessed.

To give an idea of how far I’ve come to get here, I want to share a brief story.


I had a spiritual advisor who reads finger prints. These are formed five months before you are born. There are four kinds of prints and they represent your potential life journey…your blueprint for life. It’s basically the hand you’ve been dealt.

There are three things he told me about my finger prints.

The first was…there is one print shaped like an arch and represents the life path of converting struggle into peace. One person in 20 has ONE arch. If you have two, you are in the School of Peace.

The second thing he told me was…I have EIGHT…and the other two are almost arches! Consequently, my whole life has been about converting struggle and suffering into ease and peace.


What does an 8 arched life look like?

It starts early. I had the best of both worlds. My mother raised me in a religious cult and my father was an alcoholic who sexually abused me from the age of 2 1/2 until I went to kindergarden. I have no memories before the age of five, however, the body never forgets.

I grew up in one of the richest counties in the nation in Marin County, California on welfare. I was one of five children who was no stranger to government cheese and hand-me-downs.

My mother sought refuge through her religion when I was a baby. Although she had our best interests at heart, she had no idea of the damage yet to be created through a life of isolation, fear, guilt, and shame.

Our family was not allowed to have friends outside of the religion, nor celebrate any holidays or birthdays, even though we were expected to go to school and work like everyone else. I was programmed not to go to college. I missed out on many important life stepping stones, like; slumber parties, blue ribbons, senior prom, and graduating with my class.

Cults program through repetition. I was expected to attend three meetings a week and study for them beforehand. I spent weekends knocking on doors preaching and looking for converts.

I married my first love. The only grounds for divorce in the religion was adultery, however, you had to be able to prove it to a tribunal of male “elders”. For much of my marriage I had an inner sense that my husband may be sexually active with other women. He gave up a dream of being a doctor for the more cult-approved, non-college profession of being a janitor. In spite of him being mostly angry, jealous and controlling, I chose to believe his denials. It seemed to be the best option at the time. My suspicions were much worse than I thought and were confirmed when he finally admitted to infidelity for 23 of the 25 years we were married. I was devastated. However, beneath the anger and pain was a sense of relief and calm. This was my only way out.

What makes people feel trapped and paralyzed? Why not just walk away?…


Over time I began to feel captured, depressed, and hopeless. My lowest point was when I walked into a sporting goods store to buy a gun to end my life and my misery. I realized I couldn’t do that to my two young children.

Instead I got angry. This fueled an exit strategy. Little by little doors and windows of opportunities began to open. I stayed connected to my higher power and always felt like I was being guided by something much bigger than myself, and it wasn’t Jehovah.

I finally left the cult at the age of 38 when the pain of staying surpassed the fear of leaving. I knew that when I left I would have to leave behind the only friends I’d ever known and they would be expected to shun me. It was the ultimate alienation.

The most stressful part of my life was what lead to divorcing my angry, controlling, jealous husband and figuring out how to support my two children as a single mother.


How does one recover from such an intense 8 arched life?

There were two main things that saved me. First, I started and ran a cult recovery support group since there were none at the time. I shared parts of my story every month for 9 years. I have been told more than once that I had saved someone’s life. This brought deep satisfaction to know I was not alone. I was surrounded by loving support from other recovering ex-cult members.

The second thing that helped me to transform was joining a previously forbidden psychic school. This became my replacement for the cult…only in reverse. This was kindergarden. It was a playground where I spent the next 12 years learning to trust what I felt, saw, and eventually came to know. Instead of having beliefs crammed into my mind and have it called “the truth”, I got to decide for myself what was true for me.

At this psychic school, every person that sat in front of me to get a reading became a mirror for all the places my soul longed for healing. I used the tools I learned there to deprogram myself.


The third thing the fingerprint advisor told me was, “to the degree you have had continous struggle in the first part of your life, you will have that degree of ease and peace in the second half.”

I have finally crossed the summit! Every day I now look forward to seeing how the universe answers this question…how does life get any better than this? I stay in the blissful question of…I wonder?…and violà!


When I first wrote this book about 15 years ago, I had just left the cult. It was more of a catharsis to help me start to sort the incredible confusion I felt. However, it had no happy ending, therefore I shelved it. I have started over and entirely rewritten my book from my current life perspective.

I have resisted writing this story for years because of the pain I imagined it would trigger. Nonetheless, I am determined to finish what I started. I also desire to let this story go so I can make room for my most vibrant, luminous self.

I still stick with my original intention in my first draft. To show what is humanly possible no matter how deeply one has fallen into depression. To give hope no matter how desperate your situation may seem. To build assurance to know that you are never alone. To inspire others to bring their gifts out into the world. To be a way shower to, not just to a better life, but an adventurous, thriving, abundant life overflowing with joy, love, and peace. Your best life is waiting. Be inspired to live it.

My whole life has prepared me for what I am about to share with you in detail.