How to Deprogram Your Biggest Mindsets

I’ve been noticing a trend lately in my healing work.  It has to do with de-programming and re-programming our mindsets…the various things we were taught to be true.

One of the most fascinating things I have learned about the world of energy is that just because we have a thought, doesn’t mean it necessarily belongs to us.

With all of the thoughts or beliefs that roll around in our head, how can we know what is ours and what is not?  What is our personal truth, and what is something that we were taught was true but may not be true for us?

Some of the truths we were taught may still be very valid, practical and helpful.  Other mindsets may start to appear to have holes in them, no longer seem to apply and may instead be a hindrance or have a paralyzing effect on the direction we feel is in our best interests.

We see the world through the filters of our parents, teachers, church, and doctors, to name a few.  When we were growing up we relied on those who knew more than us to teach, guide, and direct us.  But that was then…

The huge shift that the planet and humanity are going through NOW is energetically allowing more permission for each person to find their personal truth.  Everyone is being given the opportunity to decide what is working for them and what is not, what brings them joy or makes their life miserable, what creates clarity and what causes confusion.

We are seeing this happen all around us as fewer people are just putting up with the status quo.  People are speaking up and want to be heard.


How can you know if a thought or belief is your personal truth?  Notice how it makes you feel.  If you feel anxious and confused, lack clarity, and are miserable or unhappy, I can pretty much guarantee you are not in your personal truth.  If a thought or belief is your personal truth, you will feel relieved, joyful and things will flow…even if it ruffles a few feathers.

How this process works is the Universe will present you with opportunities where you must make a choice.  Sometimes these are easy choices, but more often they will seem difficult and challenging, maybe even painful.  But it is your choice that creates the deprogramming.  It takes courage to stand in your truth.  So surround yourself with a healthy support system.

How do you choose when it is difficult?  Difficult is just a mind-set.  Difficult can also be thought of as an opportunity.  So here is one way to help you in the decision making process.  Take choice number one and play it out in your mind as far as you an take it.  Notice how that feels in your body.  Now take the second choice and do the same.  Compare how your body feels.  One will make you feel lighter…that would be the direction you should go.

Now don’t start over analyzing it…just notice how your body feels.  Otherwise, you will get stuck in that endless loop of mental paralysis.  This is how you make things harder than they need to be.


From lots of personal experience in the difficult department, I can tell you that the Universe never presents us with more than we can handle.  Somehow we always pull through and always better for having done so.  The Universe has our highest interests at heart.  The more difficult the challenge, the greater our growth is.

The more you stand in our personal truth, the more joy, clarity and freedom you will enjoy.

Many years ago, I was silently elected by my family to take care of my mother in her elder years.  It’s not so much that I stepped forward for this duty, but more that my other four brothers and sisters receded.  Then again, maybe it was that I was the only one who got along with her.

At any rate, I went along with this idea…this group/family programming…until one day recently I began to examine how this made me feel.  My Libra instincts were telling me that it didn’t feel fair.  It made me feel anxious and resentful towards my siblings.  This was not my personal truth and felt like an unconscious decision.

So I decided to make a conscious choice as to what was right for me.  I chose to share this opportunity for growth with all of my siblings.  It seemed to me that each of us should be given the chance to make peace with our mother however we chose…and I was ready to share this window of opportunity.  It was a process that made me feel relieved, less resentful towards my siblings, and grateful for their help.  It is now a co-operative undertaking.

It was the honoring of my body and how I felt that impelled me to make a conscious choice that created the deprogramming.  Our body is always talking to us if we would only listen.


Where I generally find limiting beliefs as an energetic block in my clients is above their head.  This is where I find that upper limit, glass ceiling, or family and religious programming.  As I do my healing work, clients only show me what they are ready to release.  This kind of clearing helps to facilitate more clarity in the decision making process.  It’s definitely a shortcut in deprogramming our biggest mindsets.

If you are having trouble releasing these long held programs, need more clarity, feel stuck in the process, and are ready and open to take a next step…email me for a free 10 minute assessment.

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