Are You Committed to Your Story?

One of the most profound things I noticed while I was in the Amazon was the peace and quiet.  I’m not referring to the absence of noise since there was a constant hum of bugs and chirping and singing of birds.  But there was a certain peace and quiet among the Shipibo people that spoke very loudly.
Happy Shipibo childrenThe young children played happily as they laughed and explored their primitive world.  There were two babies in the village under 8 months.  Their cries were always brief and maybe a couple of times during the day.  There was always someone in the village to take a turn carrying them or playing with them.
There was not an angry word spoken ever…in fact there were not many words spoken at all between them.  They did some communication with about half of our group that spoke Spanish.  But I noticed that when the women sat around sewing to occupy their time, they were content to just be with each other.
When I thought about what gets talked about mostly in conversations back in the U.S. I realized it is mostly people telling their stories.  You hear a lot of explaining of reasons for their rightness of points of view or the wrongness of others.  Justifying their judgements or just plain gossiping is rampant.  In reflection, it all started to sound like a lot of noise pollution.
You can really tell when someone is committed to their story.  It’s easier to see when you are not in it.  First, they have a lot to say.  It’s a lot of explaining.  No matter what you have to offer as a solution, they have a reason for not accommodating it.
That’s not to say that all story telling is unnecessary.  To the contrary, it can be a necessary part of processing.  But when we get stuck in it the story is no longer helpful.  It just reinforces our unhealthy position each time we tell it.
Kavi - Shipibo MatriarchOne thing I have noticed about staying in a higher vibration is that the higher the vibration, the less the need for stories.  The Shipibo people carry an energetic frequency that vibrates at 1000/1000.  They don’t need to tell their stories.  They have no drama.  They are happy and content just being.
I’m still on my way home from Peru as I write this and just realized how much I still crave the quiet. I found that the opposite end of the airport has no one around.  The terminal is completely empty….ahhhh quiet!  I’m still integrating.
So a pretty easy way to start to release your stories is to simply raise your vibration.  You might need to explain why it’s so hard to do that (raise your vibration) at first…lol…but it will get easier.
Language and words are very powerful. Another way to release your old story is to start telling a new one.
At first you may need to tell it to yourself.  Include telling the new ending as though it has already happened.
Instead of telling the story of how you were abused, betrayed, or disrespected for example…start telling about how you empowered yourself.  Start asking the question, how is it that I became so grounded and centered in my personal power in joy and contentment?  Your higher self will start to show you that answer and your world will start to validate that new truth.  You may just notice that you enjoy just being…without the story.