Are You Giving and Receiving or Giving and Taking?

What’s the difference?

It’s important to know because you could unknowingly be blocking your receiving.

Many believe giving and taking is an equal energy exchange.  You give a little and you take a little.

Some may also conclude, taking and receiving can yield the same end result so they must be the same.

I am here to tell you, energetically they are not the same at all and not knowing the difference can block your receiving. Here’s why…

Giving is easy for most since you are in control of the giving.  You know who you are giving to, how much, what you will give, and when. Genuine giving from the heart can be an expression of gratitude, appreciation, and love overflowing. Giving can include things beyond the tangible wrapped with a bow such as time, peace and quiet, friendship, laughter, and love. I often give my gift of healing to those who are not expecting it.

Taking comes from the energy of lack. People generally take things that they don’t have and don’t believe they can create, generate, or manifest. Sometimes dishonesty is behind the taking…a more acceptable form of stealing. Such is the case when people steal your time under the guise of “something else.” Taking also can have little regard for others that it will effect and is usually done without permission. When you take, you are in control. You decide what you will take, when, how much, etc. Taking often happens through subtle manipulation and/or dishonesty to create your desired outcome.

However, when you look at and feel the energy of receiving, a certain amount of vulnerability and openness arises. When you receive, generally you don’t know how it will show up. You have no control over who is giving, what you will receive, how much, or when…except holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries…even then you can’t be certain you will receive the way you may have hoped for.

In order to receive fully, you need to trust, be open, allowing, and grateful whenever the gift shows up. Gratitude lets the Universe know what you desire more of. You need to let the walls down, remove your defenses, and say “yes” even if you don’t feel you deserve it.

You can block your own receiving when you don’t feel deserving because of old judgements you carry around in you heart. You might feel unworthy, not good enough, or unlovable. These are lies and can be released through a simple practice outlined in the meditation I created on how to raise your spirit vibration (included above in this newsletter).

The first time I did this exercise, tears kept welling up throughout the day. Everything that was keeping my heart closed was coming out. What a relief!

People are not open to receiving for lots of reasons. Many feel obligated to return the gift, favor, or blessing bestowed upon you. This can become reactionary. When giving becomes a reciprocal reaction, it is usually less heartfelt. Obligatory giving during the holidays is another issue.

I was raised without Christmas, birthdays, and all the other reasons you might receive a gift because of being raised in a religious cult. As a child, this was very disappointing and frustrating to say the least. Every year it felt like my birthday reinforced the belief that I was not worth remembering. I felt worth less than remembering….worthless.

I do remember a few gifts growing up. My mom bought two bikes for the five of us, one for the girls and one for the boys. I also received a watch for graduation.

Since we grew up on welfare and government cheese, what we received throughout the year was very little. My mom would sew one or two new dresses each school year which I would wear on picture day. I did love my Barbie doll and board games. However, none of these came wrapped with a bow or a card with heartfelt expressions.

Because of healing these experiences of not receiving throughout my life, I do not have a traditional view of giving and receiving. I give when I am completely moved to do so from the heart. I have gotten much better at receiving since I discovered I have an energetic channel in my arms that I can open that allows more receiving. I used to blame others for not giving to me when I felt I deserved it. However, as an adult I realize I have more control of receiving than I ever imagined possible. Its part of taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my life.

I believe receiving starts with giving. The energy of heartfelt giving starts and emanates from the heart before it travels out your right arm (your giving arm) and then travels up your left arm as you receive, creating a Circle of Reciprocity.

I also believe giving should be thought of as giving to a karmic pool. The receiving may or may not come back to you from the person or group that you gave to. However, as long as your receiving channels are open, gifts and blessings will come back in more magical ways than you can imagine. Then you can give without expectation while you receive unexpected pleasant surprises. This creates living in a state of wonder…

I’ve created a video that demonstrates the opening of this arm channel on my website. Just opt-in for “5 Magic Minutes” on the right hand side of any page on my website to receive this video here: (If you are on my website, scroll to the top and you will find the opt-in on the right.) If you are someone who gives, gives, gives, and nothing comes back, this video is a must see!

By making this minor adjustment to your thinking, from “give and take” to “give and receive”, you can yield major changes and results in your life.

Hopefully you are giving and receiving this holiday season instead of giving and taking. As you open to receiving, it begins to happen in all forms. You might notice you receive more smiles, more time, more love, more opportunities, more lessons, more gifts, and more blessings.

May yours be abundant and joyous!

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