Are You Too Sensitive?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the barrage of energies coming at you.  There is noise pollution that can subtly assault our senses.  There are unseen energies such as EFTs from computers, cell phones and the airwaves that also can have a profound affect on us in unseen ways.

I believe the biggest and most offending energy that becomes the most overwhelming is human energy…the energy of other people.  Most people are unconscious and unaware of how their actions affect those around them.  Then there are those that just have negative energy.  They don’t even need to be doing anything in particular for those who are sensitive to feel them even before they arrive.

One way people cope with this is to isolate themselves.  Being too sensitive is never a problem when they are by themselves.  It only becomes an issue when they are with others.  While isolation might be effective but it is certainly not how we are meant to enjoy life.

It should be noted that being sensitive is not an anomaly, it is a gift.  But only when we are completely aware.  If we are only partially aware or sensitive, we can tend to sabotage ourselves or avoid life.

By becoming more aware, you will know and realize that all of the energies you encounter that make you feel overwhelmed or negatively affected ARE NOT YOURS.

If you feel particularly sensitive to the energies of others, I have a simple energetic solution that may be the answer to your sensitive dilemma so that you do not take on other people’s energies or at least become less affected by them.

It may take a little practice, but if you are sensitive you will notice the difference in how you feel.


When most people enter a room, they expand their aura or energetic field around them to get a feel of what is going on.  It’s like a huge antenna that can get a sense of how safe the environment is.  Children that grow up in chaotic and stressful environments get very good at this, but when they become adults their antenna may get stuck on hyper-alert.  These are the people that walk around with their auras expanded checking, checking, checking everything to make sure it is safe.

With their aura over-expanded, everyone is in their energetic space.  Then they wonder why they feel irritable or annoyed around people.

Ideally you will contract your aura once you get the lay of the land.  Otherwise, you have just invited everyone into your aura AND you can feel all those energies.  This is something everyone does unconsciously.  But by becoming more aware of your aura, you can control who is in it.

Here is a simple exercise to help you get more aware and conscious of where the edge of your aura is.  It will require getting quiet for a few moments.  This is best done in a building where you can be alone but it includes other people, maybe in other rooms.  Sit with your eyes closed and become still and aware enough so that you can feel the difference.

Notice the edge of your aura or energetic field that surrounds your body if you can.  Whether you can or not, just imagine expanding your aura to include other people.  Maybe you make it as big as your house or maybe you need to make it as big as a city block.  Notice the effect this has on how you feel.  Do you feel anxious or annoyed?

Now contract your aura so that it is just a few inches from your skin.  Notice how that feels.  Maybe you feel a bit claustrophobic.  Now expand your aura again to include other people, noticing how that feels but when you contract your energetic field or aura, find a place that feels comfortable to you in the range of about 12 – 18 inches away from your skin.  This is where you would ideally keep your aura.


But what if you have become the effect of someone’s negative energy.  How do you release it?  The most simple way that I know of is an Access Consciousness question that asks “Who does this belong to?”(you don’t need to know the answer), and then just state: “Return to sender.”  Just keep repeating until the feeling dissipates.

You can also just sit quietly with a new grounding cord or line of energy that goes from the base of your spine to the center of the earth.  This is your psychic plumbing that carries away all the energies in your space that do not belong to you.

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or annoyed, check where the edge of your aura is.  Bring it in about 12-18 inches around you until it feels comfortable.  Then sit quietly with a new grounding cord until you feel the blissful sound of ahhhhhh…..