Attain Higher Levels of Awareness Than You Ever Thought Possible!

By Kimberly Sherry, Author, Speaker, Mentor & Money Energy Expert

IMG_0201I recently returned from my third trip to the Amazon jungle where I spent three weeks working with the Shipibo Shamans and their master plant teacher, Ayahuasca.

Three months prior to this, I facilitated this same expedition with the help of a translator. This translator created a massive life transformation for himself during an Ayahuasca journey as he went back in time and rewrote his life. The results when he returned home were so life changing that he decided to bring his own group back so they could experience their own transformation. This is the journey I just returned from.

Amazon4-2015I went as a participant for my own personal exploration. This allowed me the opportunity to go deeper with the plant medicines than when I was facilitating and holding space for everyone. The results, which are still integrating, have been very exciting. Let me explain.

Since I’ve been given the gift of measuring vibrational energies, I’m always checking the calibrations of…well, just about everything. After our group came out of the jungle this last time, while we were still in Iquitos, one of the participants met a man who happened to be the president of the Ayahuasca Foundation. The President told the IMG_5777participant that he and another shaman had found a tree that was thought to be a legend. It is a phosphorescent tree that glows in the dark and is said to have the highest vibration of all the plant medicines in the jungle. This tree is now protected, since this president purchased the land it sits on and is building a research center to see how plant medicines work, including in conjunction with modern medicine.

AnacondaTatI was curious how high this tree calibrated? So I measured and found this legendary tree to be at 2500! The Hawkin’s scale, pioneered by Dr, David Hawkins in his book, Power vs Force, only goes to 1000. To go beyond the Hawkin’s scale for the first time was exciting news!! I wondered what would it be like to be at this new-to-me higher vibration?

Interestingly, when I first learned of Dr. Hawkin’s scale many years ago, someone else measured me at 750. I always wondered what it would be like to be at this high vibration of 1000. According to Dr. Hawkins, it seemed unattainable by most. He believed that only the “enlightened ones” like Jesus and Buddha could be at the vibration of 1000. Dr. Hawkins also believed that the average person could not even raise their vibration by more than a few points in a lifetime. Over the last 4 years of working with this scale, I have discovered we are evolving at such a rapid rate that these beliefs are no longer true.

Shipibo ShamansWhen I was previously at the vibration of 750, I thought that being “enlightened” would be and feel different, like maybe I’d be able to walk on water, levitate, or something fantastic like that. Vibrating at 1000 and thus “enlightened” according to Dr. Hawkins, in many ways does not feel that much different than before. Even though I live in these higher vibrations every day, I feel like the same person only with greater awareness and knowing than most people. My life is
easier and more magical than the majority, but I do not feel like I thought being “enlightened” would feel. Somehow I thought it would be more perfect and less challenging. Maybe you have a similar idea of what I mean when you reflect oIMG_2240n what an “enlightened being” may seem like.

However, when you are in these higher vibrations you do attract more serendipity, prosperity, money, abundance, joy, peace of mind, and ease. Let me tell you about a powerful manifestation to demonstrate what can happen when you are calibrating at even higher vibrations.

After our group came out of the jungle, we were all at a very high calibration. We had participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony every 3 days for 15 days. When we got to the airport to return home, we were told that our flight was delayed due to fog. This caused us to miss our connecting flight home. The initial stance of Avianca Airlines was to stick to their policy which states that “if a flight is missed due to weather” they are not responsible.

1st ClassNormally we would be out of luck and would have to figure out what would happen between then and the next flight the following day. We gently persisted for other possibilities. Before we knew it, they had upgraded all seven of us to IMG_6032first class on the next flight the following morning, provided a luxury van to a Five Star Hotel an hour away just outside of Mira Flores, and gave all of us food vouchers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We were greeted like kings and queens at the hotel with fruit smoothies served in tall champagne glasses. We were blown away by the miracle we had created knowing 24 hours before, we were deep in the sweaty Amazon jungle without electricity or running water! Wow!

IMG_6074To add to our excitement, the shamana accompanying our trip contacted her mentor and fellow shamana who lived in Lima. She joined us for lunch and dinner. Since my birthday was the following day, I was surprised with a dessert that had a trick birthday candle that kept re-lighting every time I blew it out. I kept making wish after wish. I thought to myself, “how does IMG_6035it get any better than this?”

After dinner, she surprised us with a powerful sound healing ceremony using the sacred plant medicine, San Pedro. This became more of my birthday celebration and she wanted to help ground our Amazonian experience for a smoother integration when we returned home. This turned out to be such a profound experience with even stronger visions in this 20 minute ceremony than all the previous journeys on Ayahuasca. She also used rattles and chimes as she channeled a male and female voice singing indigenous songs. After experiencing this powerful ceremony, I was so curious to know what this shamana vibrated at. To my surprise I discovered it was 2500! How quickly the Universe answered my question.

IMG_6038Since coming home, I’ve been using this new discovery of being able to measure vibrations beyond the Hawkin’s scale with my current clients. We are all ascending to new heights. While the difference seems subtle at times, having more clarity and aha’s, creating even more effortlessly with calm grace, it can also feel profoundly humorous when miracles like the one in the airport are created…over and over.

If you are interested in using sacred plant medicines to help on your journey of ascension or raising your vibration, here are a few of the ones I have personally experienced, their corresponding energetic vibration, and which indigenous people they are mostly native to. This is not something to use on a casual basis. To truly honor these sacred being, participate only in a sacred space with a reputable shaman.

Peyote – 1000 (Indigenous North Americans)
Ayahuasca – 2000 (Indigenous Amazonian Jungle)
San Pedro – 2500 (Indigenous North Americans)

IMG_5907Please email me if you are interested in upcoming adventures back to the Amazon or in upcoming San Pedro ceremonies using the same San Pedro we used in Lima, Peru.

If you are interested in working with me with these new calibrations to accelerate your progress and success, stay tuned for the upcoming group program. Or, if you desire one-to-one work, sign up here for up to a 1 hour Money Breakthrough Assessment to discover what your current goals are, your calibrations, and to see if we are a good fit to work together. Only use this generous, precious hour of my time if you are serious about creating life changes and more money. You can sign up here: