Behold! Are You Your Age?

I recently offended someone who had asked the dreaded “How old do I look?” question – followed by “No…be honest.”

I forget that we often base how we feel about ourselves on the judgments of others.  I tried to tell her that I wasn’t good at guessing, and was particularly bad at guessing ages. But she insisted.  Oh, be careful what you ask for…especially from me.  I don’t have filters on what I see and I am a horrible liar as well.  She honestly didn’t like my answer.  When I discovered I was way off, I asked her to let me look again; then I realized she was projecting a much older self.  I was able to find her real age and I told her so.  But that was no comfort:  I had already been honest, and that had hurt her feelings.

Sometimes it can be difficult to witness the growth of others.  This woman was obviously releasing some outmoded thinking and feelings around the idea that we are our exteriors.  Since I know we are all on our own journeys and that each one is very different, I can be a little more neutral and amused — not in a make-fun-of sort of way but more a let’s-let-go of the serious energy and just enjoy each other and life.

Since I look young for my age, and always have, I do have a few advantages over most in the age department.  I have good genes (mom — Filipino/Spanish / dad — Scotch/Irish) and a few good jeans.  I’ve always taken care of my health by eating healthy and exercising, doing regular network chiropractic, and using my own healing techniques on myself.

But I also have another unusual advantage.  I was born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and honestly believed their programming that I would live forever.  Every cell in my body was programmed to live for eternity without ever growing old or dying.  That didn’t change until I was about 38 and started to break free from the confines of my cocoon — the safety of constriction.  The more I learned about the outside world, the more fragile my house of cards became.  As the fog started to dissipate, I had to reexamine everything I had been taught, including that I was going to live forever.  I began to understand that I was going to die eventually like everyone else.  I started to age.

Still, about six years ago, I read Eckart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, and began to put his wisdom into practice.  On page 122 there is a subtitle, “Slowing Down the Aging Process.”  He reveals how “awareness of the inner body has benefits in the physical realm…namely slowing down the aging process.”

“As soon as your habitual state changes from being out of the body and trapped in your mind to being in the body and present in the Now, your physical body will feel lighter, clearer, more alive.

So if you inhabit the inner body, the outer body will grow old at a much slower rate, and even when it does, your timeless essence will shine through the outer form, and you will not give the appearance of an old person.”

‘Is there any scientific evidence for this?’

“Try it out and you will be the evidence.”