How To Gain Clarity In Life? No more DEAD ENDS!


I feel so blessed that I am finally living a life of freedom…

Freedom to travel and conduct my business from anywhere in the world had been a dream I held for many years.

As I write this, I am enjoying 9 days in Kauai…working a bit and mostly enjoying the relaxed lifestyle here. My daughter came over from Honolulu and we were able to spend lots of laughter over the weekend.

One of the reasons for coming to Kauai was to check on the possibilities of buying a magical piece of property I fell in love with years ago, however, it didn’t work out at the time. The owner couldn’t prove land use rights over two properties to get there and I didn’t want my deposit held until she could. It was not meant to be at the time.

While here this time, my goal was to gather enough info to help me to decide so I could either move forward or close this energy leak. I needed clarity!

This special property is inland from Hanalei Bay, down a private road, and behind a locked gate. A creek runs along one side of the property and two sides are government land. It is very peaceful and private with powerful views of the mountain which would have been perfect for a retreat center.

Miraculously two years ago, I googled the owner’s name and at the top of the search list showed a link to 95 pages of legal documents. This explained everything I didn’t know at the time as to all the real reasons why I couldn’t purchase this property. It had been graded illegally thus desecrating sacred land.
These docs showed all the fines had been paid and she now had proof of land use rights. The loop was still open as a possibility of owning this land…

The first thing that happened this time around was a visit to this property…well almost.

My sister waited at the car as I crawled under the locked gate…and yes it said, “No trespassing.” I walked a ways down the road until I came upon a “Beware of Dog” sign. I didn’t want to test that one….and I wasn’t satisfied that this was a sign to let go of this dream.

We came back another day to visit the Japanese cemetery that was this side of the locked gate…some sites going back to the 1920’s while others looked older and dates, if any, were in Japanese.

The following day, I noticed a sign for the very first time…and made an important connection.

“DEAD END”! How ironic that there are literally dead people at the end of this road!

Since I always love the metaphors in life I couldn’t help but realize this was the answer I needed to finally let go of this particular property. I received the clarity I needed.

As I was able to energetically stand back further from this land, I could see the level of protection around this property. While we were visiting the cemetery, two trucks full of pit bulls left through the locked gate after hunting for wild pigs. This is a private access road for locals to use this land as it has been for centuries no doubt.

I still have the dream to find a magical piece of property for a sacred retreat…and keep asking…”How does it get any better than this?


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