Does Money Equal Security and Power?

The short answer is no.

Many equate safety and security with money. The more money you have, the more secure you feel. However, this kind safety is based on an illusion.

There are indigenous people in this world who do not have nor use money. It is irrelevant to them. Yet they feel safe and secure in their environment. Any lack of feeling safe has nothing with how much money they have. They have a deep connection to the source of their life.

I believe true security comes from this same place.

When you are energetically rooted deeply into the earth, and connected upward to the divine…this is the energetic connection that creates the feeling of true security. The energy of being connected to our abundant mother earth creates the feeling of being grounded, at ease, confident, and safe. This connection happens at the base of your spine and the bottoms of your feet.

Additionally, when you have a strong connection upward to the divine; your higher power, God, or however you refer to source energy, this creates feelings of being guided, supported, held, and nurtured. We feel secure knowing our highest and best interests are being cared for. We know deeply we are never alone.

When you add money to this equation of being rooted downward and connected upward, money amplifies the security that already exists. It adds opportunities and creates life experiences that can bring great satisfaction and joy. When we are connected in this way, if we lose our money we do not lose our joy with it. This is true security.

On the other hand, if you are grounding through your bank account or house, when you lose your money or you go into foreclosure you will go into a tailspin.



The short answer is no. Money does not give you power. It does, however, amplify it.

Depending on whether you are a force supporting the light or the dark energies will determine what gets amplified and the direction the power grows.

Your power center is at your solar plexus just below your rib cage. Symptoms of an energetically congested or blocked power chakra would manifest as needing to use force and pushing to get things done. When this power center, or third chakra, is flowing and healthy it will produce effortless actions. This is why I call this power center the ACTION Chakra.

When power is amplifying dark forces, the Action Chakra will be amplifying lower vibrating energies, especially in the lower chakras. When it comes to money, this is where you will find greed, stealing, betrayal, embezzlement, lying, selfishness, and murder.

When power is amplifying forces of light, the Action Chakra will be amplifying higher vibrating energies in the higher chakras. When it comes to money, these people will be using their money to create powerful changes that benefit lots of other people. They donate to charitable causes that are helping others live a more fulfilled life. Their focus is more global than singular.

If you want the use of your power to create the greatest good, you need to make sure you have a high vibration with a strong connection to the earth and the divine.

When you add money to this equation, this brings the greatest satisfaction. Especially when you know you are bringing more joy, love, and a higher standard of life for others. Their joy brings you deep gratification and fulfillment.

As more and more women are feeling empowered, one of the biggest challenges is stepping back from the more dominant male energy of pushing and driving. I believe a fully empowered woman does so when she is able to take effortless actions with ease…and confidence that she is being divinely supported. She uses her creative feminine power to magnetize and attract all she desires.

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