The Best Way to Eliminate Fear, Worry & Depression

Do you struggle with fear, shame, guilt, anger, being judgmental, or depression?  Maybe you are not clinically depressed but you suffer from a general feeling of being down or annoyed.

What if you could move to a different neighborhood where these did not exist?  What if you moved there and your fear and depression seemed to subside or dissipate?

What if these symptoms only came back when you left this neighborhood?  How much effort would you put into staying in this neck of the woods?   What if you didn’t need to pack one single thing to move there?

What if you could move to and stay in this hood no matter where you lived?  And best of all, what if it takes only a few moments to arrive at this destination?  Truth be told…what makes property the most valuable is location, location, location.

If I were reading this, I would think this is too good to be true.  But this is what I have personally experienced and I’d like to tell you how I have relocated….

As a healer, it has been my life path to not only heal others but more importantly heal myself.  The healer can only heal others to the extent they have healed themselves.

I have personally had to recover from a very intense life of being raised in a religious cult having only left at the age of 35, was traumatized by sexual abuse for years as a toddler, had an alcoholic father, and endured an abusive marriage for 25 years just to name the biggies.  To some extent I still encounter residue as I find crumbs in corners I haven’t yet cleaned out.

About 6 months ago I discovered something that allowed me to take a quantum leap in my energetic vibration…which is different than the amount of energy you may have since even rocks can have an energetic vibration.
Up until this point I had only been able to reach an energetic vibration of about 750/1000.  This energetic vibrational number is based on David Hawkin’s book “Power vs Force”.    He developed his system of measuring the energetic vibration of things over 10 years using kinesology or muscle testing.  With people, this scale measures the level of human awareness or consciousness.  The vibration of shame and guilt are less than 100/1000 while the Dali Lama consistently vibrates at 1000/1000.

I was told by a healer about a year ago that my vibration was at 750.  When I read the book “Power vs Force” about six months ago, I noticed that my energetic number was about the same.  The way I personally did this and how I do it for my clients now is I count by 100’s until I feel like I’m close, then I count by 10’s and then by 1’s until I land on the correct number.  I started to take note of what raised or lowered my vibration and was subsequently able to keep it generally high.  Although I did notice that when I lost my wallet it dropped a few 100 points.

What has been most amazing to me is how my internal perspective, inclination, temper, feelings, and thinking have changed as a direct result of keeping my vibration high.  I no longer worry.   Things rarely annoy me.  I feel more compassion and love for others.  I generally live in a state of peace and calm.  This is a big change from the high strung perfectionist I used to be.

Instead of thinking that living in an energetic ghetto of worry and fear is bad, I like to think it is just different.  But the most important thing to know is that if you don’t like living in this energetic slum, if it doesn’t feel healthy for you (maybe you are literally sick from it) and you’ve decided you are ready to move out…the good news is that it can be so very easy…that is unless you still have a false belief that life needs to be hard.

Simply put, the easiest way to move out of your energetic neighborhood is to clear the clutter of lower vibrations.  I do this by running my energy.  Again…no effort, you just sit in a chair, close your eyes and put on a new grounding cord.  It’s that line of energy that goes from the base of your spine to the center of the planet.  You can watch a short instructional video on my website for all the details.  (“Clear your Chakras” & “Heal Yourself: Get Grounded”)

As your energy raises, so does your energetic standard of living.  The more clutter you clear, the more you are able to see and feel your true divine essence, the real you in your radiant health and luminous vitality.

So now I am a big proponent of what having a high vibration can do for you.  I bring all of my clients to 1000/1000 in all our sessions now and the results have been quite profound.  Some have been able to stay in this neighborhood after just one visit.  Others have to re-visit often.

However, having a high vibration doesn’t mean that all your problems will disappear.  Your computer may still crash, your dog may throw-up on your new rug, and your neighbor may still back into your car, but it will be easier to cope with the difficulties in life that arise.  My clients report not feeling as overwhelmed in stressful situations that would have sent them over the edge before.  They enjoy more peace, calm, tolerance, and clarity in their lives.

So the next time you want to run away from your life screaming with your hands in the air, reconsider moving, relocating and changing neighborhoods energetically.  You can always move yourself by applying the free information found in my instructional videos.  Or you can hire a mover.   To see how easy it can be, set-up a complimentary 1 hour energetic assessment and start changing your life now…here: