February is Heart Month ~ How to Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart

By Kimberly Sherry, Int’l Energy Healer

While the majority are focusing on dark chocolate hearts and romantic getaways this month, many people are turning their attention to the number one killer of women…heart disease.

Since I know that what we focus on expands, I have decided not to give any attention or energy to heart disease or breast cancer, for that matter, even though I live in an area with the highest rates of breast cancer in the country.

For the month of February, I would rather encourage you to focus on something even more important…specifically the opening of your energetic heart center.

A few years ago, I set the intention that I would make February the month to see how far I could open my heart center or chakra.  Oh, be careful what you ask for! Before I tell you the surprising results, let me tell you a little about this powerful energy center.

What is the heart chakra and what does it do?

This massively important spinning wheel of energy is a vortex in the middle of your chest.  It processes energy specific to how you feel about yourself…either self-love or self-loath.

Why should I care about my heart center?

One reason is that blocked energy here can manifest as physical and emotional problems as well as negative outlooks on life and about how you feel about yourself.  You want to avoid that, right?

How can I tell if mine is blocked?

An unhealthy heart chakra would affect mostly the heart, lung and breasts.  Therefore, any physical problems in these areas such as heart disease, arrhythmia, chest pains, difficulty taking a deep breath, lung problems, pneumonia, chronic coughing, breast cancer and tumors, etc., these would all be related to this powerful energy center.  As always, consult with your doctor if you have a serious or life threatening condition.

On a more emotional level, you can tell if your heart center is constricted and not flowing if you are someone who is stuck in grief, tends to be very needy and always looking for acceptance, or unable to forgive.

If you are very hard on yourself with high expectations that are almost always just out of reach giving you cause to beat yourself up even more, this would be a direct result of a blocked or constricted heart center.

If you judge yourself harshly as being too anything…too fat, unattractive, impatient, old, forgetful, poor, unlovable, or whatever, this is a sign that you are holding energy in this heart space from old judgements of other people.  That’s right…these judgements and this energy is not even yours and can be released.

If you are a strict taskmaster that has you believing that you should be doing more, working harder, and giving more of your time, energy or money and yet it never feels like it’s enough, that is your heart chakra looking for clearing.

That feeling of being broken, damaged, or defective can be attributed to an unhealthy heart chakra.

If you are someone who has difficulty feeling compassion and empathy for others, only think about yourself and could care less about others…that is a sign your heart center is closed.

If I was more generous and helpful to others, would that open my heart chakra?

Surprisingly the answer is not in and of itself.  It is possible for someone to be very generous and do many kind and loving things and still have a closed heart chakra.  This is because when you DO things, that energy comes from your third chakra or power center at your solar plexus. Your third chakra is your ACTION chakra.

When I was in my religious cult, I was taught how to do many kind and loving things.  I thought that because I was DOING all these wonderful things that I was BEING a loving person.  In retrospect, I did not know I had a closed heart.  I did not realize until after I left the cult, divorced, and met a man with a huge heart, that there could be such a difference in how it felt to give from the heart.  He taught me the difference between DOING love and FEELING love.

What would it look like to have a healthy heart chakra?

First, you would have a healthy heart, lungs and breasts.  You would be able to breathe deeply and fully.  Your posture would stand tall with an open chest.  You would feel confident and sure of yourself.

Second, your love for yourself and others would be unconditional, without judgement.  You would be kind to yourself and lovingly acknowledge your limitations.  You would feel good about your accomplishments and feel worthy of celebrating them.

Additionally, you would have so much compassion, kindness, and love for yourself that this would naturally spill out towards others.  You would feel your connection to all of humanity with empathy thus dissolving the illusion that we are separate.  You would have healthy relationships with others.  Your DOING would be fueled by an overflowing heart.

You can stand in front of the mirror, naked and say…”I adore you!” and feel an inner softness that radiates a peaceful glow.

How can I open my heart chakra?

You can energetically clear it by moving energy through this powerful center as outlined in this free video: “Open Your Heart Chakra.”  Also, the video “5 Magic Minutes”  can be found in the opt-in box on the right-hand side of any page of my website.  You can find it on this page, above on the right side.  This video will show you how to move a specific energy through your arms into and through your heart so you can receive more love into your life or what ever you desire more of.

Here is an IMPORTANT tip that you won’t find in the “5 Magic Minutes” video since it is information I received after I created it.  **Be sure to move the energy through both the front AND back of each chakra.  You’ll understand what I mean when you watch the video.  It’s very simple to do and very powerful.

Do what you L*O*V*E!  Get out in nature.  Spend time connecting with babies, young children, and pets.

Practice some anonymous “random act of kindness” while you focus your attention on your heart space.  Feel it expand.

Forgive someone.  Practice Ho’oponopono….”I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Getting back to what happened when I made my intention to open my heart a few years ago….

I had made a discovery that I could measure and give a numeric value, a percentage rate, to how far any particular chakra or energy center was open.  When I checked my heart center, I discovered that mine was open only about 30%.  This was a surprising new discovery since I have energetically cleared it by previous methods.  Consequently, this informed me that a chakra can be energetically clear having energy moving through it but still be constricted…which was new to me.

To see how this compared to the average heart chakra in the world at that time in 2013, I found the average to be about 12% open, the average heart chakra in the U.S. was about  25% open, and the average in Marin County, CA where I live was about 37% open.  I confirmed these findings by three particular methods…muscle testing, dowsing, and counting to get my own internal yes.

The most interesting thing is that as I rechecked those numbers two years later in 2015, the average heart chakra in the world was open 10%, the average in the U.S. was 27%, and the average in the County where I still live was 45%.

Today in February of 2016, those numbers are even higher as the average heart chakra in the world is now open to 15%, the average in the U.S. was 35%, and the average in the county where I still live is 55%. Slowly but surely, love is expanding and growing!

Going back to what I experienced three years ago, once I was able to establish and regularly check the percent my heart was open, I started paying attention to how that felt when my heart was fully open.

Here’s what I discovered. When I was doing what I love the most, such as my healing work, my heart chakra was open 100%.  When I was exercising, it was also open 100%.  When I was visiting my angelic 2 year old niece, it was open 100%.  This was all without doing anything in particular to actually open it.

However, after I was done with these activities, it would close back down to its previous 30%.  The more I payed attention to what it felt like when it was fully open, the more I could bring it to an open state.  The more it opened…a few things started to happen.

First, I became more emotional and weepy for no apparent reason.  This felt like old energies releasing…the energies that kept my heart naturally constricted.  I also started to feel even more peaceful and felt an inner softness and lightness…subtle, but noticeable.  I felt more connected to everyone around me.  I noticed feeling no attachment to previous memories that used to be painful.  This was especially apparent when browsing through some old photo albums.

I encourage you to experiment for yourself and see what happens.  If you haven’t received “5 Magic Minutes” yet, opt-in above on the right of this page to start opening your channels of receiving.  Make it your intention this month to create a healthier heart center and release old resentments that keep you feeling victimized.  Return the judgements and shame you’ve been carrying back to the original contributors…remember, they are not yours.  This will allow some new space in your opening heart to bring in forgiveness, compassion, and applause for yourself.  You will find more peace, joy, and growing love in your life.

Practice BEING love instead of DOING love…and see what you magnetize!