Healer, Heal Thyself

As a healer, I have discovered that the healer can only heal in another what they have already healed in themselves.  So the more work the healers do on themselves, the more people they are able to help.

It just seems to be my nature that I am on a constant course of self-improvement.  I’m always looking for something to work on in myself.  Earlier in my life I would have to say that impetus came more from a place of feeling inferior and needing to prove myself.  Now that I have gotten older, I don’t need to compare myself to others to feel good about myself.  I’ve even come far enough in my journey that I can thank those I used to curse for betraying me, abusing me, deceiving me, and wasting my life.  Those experiences have given me more compassion and empathy for those struggling to learn their life lessons.  They’ve made me more certain of who I am.

These days, self-improvement just makes my life more interesting.  I look forward to what is next because life just keeps getting better.  It’s easier traveling through life when I have less and less judgment, expectation, blame, and projection (all things I am in control of).  Now, when people annoy me I see an opportunity to look at myself: it’s always about us.  The harder it is to see what’s going on, the farther in the shadows lies the lesson.

As my intention to improve myself brings lessons to me, it never ceases to amaze me how the universe (higher power or whatever you want to call it) also offers these lessons through my clients.  I always look for a theme among clients for the day.  That gives me the opportunity to see what I’m working on in myself.  On one day, the theme might be balancing the masculine and feminine energies.  Sometimes I notice that my clients’ energies are constricted in their left sides which does not allow them to fully receive what they want in their life.  Ah yes, receiving.  Often the biggest challenge for women: we are such givers.

So I am always on the path of self-healing.  I am looking forward to starting a year-long training this month to learn the Effiji Breath Technique.  His style of breathing facilitates clearing in a very short time to bring alignment of body, mind and spirit.  My personal experience with the breath has helped me to move through life lessons much quicker and with more clarity.  Sometimes it encouraged emotions to surface and pass leaving a feeling of calm and contentment.