How to Know if You’ve Been Sexually Abused?

By Kimberly Sherry, International Energetic Healer

Let me say first that the body never forgets.

It’s been said that one-third of women have been sexually abused.  I believe the numbers are much higher.

My intuitive findings have discovered that 43% of all females alive today in the United States have been sexually abused.  The numbers world wide are even higher.

Regardless of which is true, it is my passionate belief that in order for women to fully empower themselves and answer the invitation to show up more fully to their calling, this buried aspect of a woman’s life must be brought into the light and embraced.

Is it easier to keep ignoring the possibility that it may have happened to you?  Is it possible that this hidden, unremembered, unknown memory could still be having a profound affect on your life even today?  Do you believe that if it did happen it is in the past and should stay there?

Energetically, the fear that keeps this memory buried in what feels like a safe place, is the same fear that keeps women from being able to speak up for themselves, to ask for what they desire, and from stepping into more of who they know they can become.  This unconscious fear prevents women from being able to set boundaries and say no.  Its what causes women to be people pleasers at the expense of their own welfare.

Here is a short list of the ways buried sexual abuse may be affecting you as an adult female:

Physical manifestations such as: obesity, endometriosis, painful menstrual cycles, tumors and fibroids in the female organs, and the need for a hysterectomy.

Sexual problems such as: lack of desire, inability to climax, and painful intercourse.

Emotional conditions such as:  paranoia, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, and the inability to trust.

More subtle indications could be lack of self-worth, not feeling beautiful, low grade depression…the list could be endless.


I have discovered that most women want to know but, are afraid of the truth.  They believe they’ll need to re-live the experience or re-remember past trauma through endless visits to a therapist or counselor in order to heal this aspect of themselves.

Fortunately, there is a much easier way.  Here is what one client said after working with me for just 30 minutes:

“I worked through issues with my dad that 13 years of therapy still hadn’t uncovered….I didn’t have to go back and re-experience those memories.  I didn’t have to go back to those really traumatic experiences and relive them….I haven’t felt this free since I was five years old…”  Video Testimony


Accessing the mind to discover the answer to this question is unreliable.  Why?

Because part of the mind’s job is to keep you safe.  It is always on the lookout for anything that seems threatening.  The subconscious part of your mind does not use logic but uses a very instinctual modus operandi that alerts your center of vigilance. Your back seat bus driver.

For those who have been sexually abused, this guard is always on hyper alert.  Things that may not seem threatening to others can become over exaggerated for the sexually abused.

This is why the mind needs to be bypassed in looking for clues and an accurate picture.

In addition, memories may not be accessible as the mind keeps them hidden to prevent potential emotional pain.  Often emotional memories are too intense to revisit.


How can you know if it is true for you?

As I said before, the body never forgets.  One thing you can do is pay attention to how your body is feeling just reading about the subject.  Is there a pit in your stomach?  Are you feeling emotional?  Is anger starting to stir…maybe even nausea?  If that is the case, you can’t make that up.  Those are body memories surfacing.


Here’s how I discovered my abuse…

My journey of uncovering and healing my sexual abuse has been a long one spanning over more than 20 years.  I didn’t have the tools I have today so I had to just keep listening to what my innate intelligence was saying and where spirit was guiding me.

My journey started about the time my daughter was the age I was when my abuse started…two and a half.

Since I don’t have any memories before the age of five, the abuse was revealed to me in lots of other ways.

The first thing that triggered the unfolding back then was a nightmare I had where I dreamt I was in a warehouse looking for my daughter who I could hear crying and calling for me.  I frantically searched for her through this warehouse filled with cubicles like the kind found in offices where partitions divide each workspace.  It was like a maze that kept reaching deadends.  I finally found her sitting on a man’s lap and he had his finger inside her.  I grabbed her and ran…

I was immediately frightened awake and very disturbed for weeks.  I now know that dreams that wake us up and leave us feeling distressed have important messages for us.

Other confirmations of the abuse were through intuitive readings by others during my 12 year training at Aesclepion Intuitive Training.  Over and over the same circumstance reaffirmed again and again without saying anything to the readers.

I also had a lifelong bladder condition that I believe was the direct result of the stagnant energy that collected in my lower belly.  In Chinese medicine, the bladder is considered the sex organ.  Lack of chi or energy there can affect the bladder and possibly sexual function.

It’s interesting how the bladder condition manifested itself metaphorically.  Infections started when I was 12 and became so chronic they eventually reached my kidney causing infections there.  It was finally determined that a blood vessel was crossing over the ureter (the tube from the kidney to the bladder) and had caused a constriction creating an enlarged kidney.  The ironic metaphor being…the bloodline (my father) crossed over (crossed a boundary) the ureter (the connection to my sex organs…according to Chinese medicine).

After surgery, the infections started to return within a year with increasing frequency.  After having no luck with alternative methods, including my adventure to the Amazon and working with Shamans and their plant medicines, I discovered my ability to tap into the numerical energetic frequency of body organs.  By keeping the energetic vibration of my bladder at it’s highest frequency the infections never returned.  Diseased and unhealthy cells cannot thrive in this high frequency.

There are lots of other ways I know I was sexually abused even though I have no memories, but the most profound was a visit by my father after his passing.  There were actually three visits that spanned over a couple of years.  All three occurred in my treatment room where I work.

The first time I was working on a client and felt his presence come into the room.  He was very leering and pervy. I clairvoyantly announced to him that he was not welcome and told him to leave.

The second visit was at the end of a long day and I was laying down relaxing on my massage table when I again felt his presence enter the room.  I was clearly awake and only resting.  The first thing he said was “I am so sorry.”  I asked him, “For what?”  He started to show me mental image pictures of various sexual things and then I had the sensation of ejaculate on my hand.  I sat up straight shaking the sensation off my hand as I told him to I didn’t want to know any more and burst into tears.  I sobbed deeply as waves of sadness, disgust, outrage, and shock overtook me.  In the days and weeks that followed, the disturbance was replaced with a sense of relief and a gradual feeling of lightness.

On his third visit I was working on a client when he entered the room.  This time he was young like in pictures I had seen of him when I was a baby.  He was wearing white pant and a white tee-shirt.  He seemed happy and healthy.  He didn’t have anything to say but seemed like he just wanted me to know that our interactions had somehow healed him and that he was ready to move on.  It felt like closure.

I have finally gotten to a point in my life where I don’t feel like I need to prove to anyone what I know to be true.  I finally have permission to believe my own truth.

As a healer, the one thing that always surprises me is that there always seems like there is more to heal…bringing darkness into the light.  Since I can only heal others to the extent I have healed myself…my journey joyfully continues.

If you are unsure but curious if you have been sexually abused, you can just ask me.  I am able to access information where universal truth exists.  Either it happened or it didn’t.  That truth exists somewhere and I can access that information.  Actually anyone can.

We are living in a new era where the darkness is surfacing as it begs to be healed…where those disconnected and disowned parts of you beckon to be loved.