How to Make It Actually Happen!!

The biggest thing I noticed that stopped most people from going on my adventure into the Amazon was the same thing that stops people in general from what they truly desire. They could not get past figuring out HOW to make it happen.

However, whether it’s going to the Amazon or answering some other deeply felt call…not being able to figure out the HOW is one of the main reasons you struggle with making more money in your life and why you are not deeply fulfilled.

Certainly, the Amazon jungle is not for everyone…so I’m only talking about those who wanted to go BUT….

Some very smart, capable people had a desire to go, some stronger than others…AND they had forgotten that the Universe does not give you a desire you are not capable of fulfilling.

Instead, they could not see past the balance in their bank account. They could not imagine being away from their grown children for that long. They could not figure out how to get away from their business or job for a month. They wanted to know of every possible danger to be prepared. They could not let go of the need to control outcomes.

Needing to know all the answers ahead of time is an illusion that we have control. People who need to know ALL the details need to be in control.

That is different from being prepared and making wise decisions based on facts, like whether or not to get vaccinated or knowing what to bring.

People who need to be in control usually had very out-or-control, chaotic, dysfunctional upbringings. I’m speaking from experience here. Instead of learning how to create a deeper connection and trust in source (not the God of our religious childhood), they began to reinforce “feeling better in their life” with controlling their environment.

In order for people to break free from limiting mindsets and beliefs which are keeping them stuck, struggling, and broke, they MUST let go of two things.

ONE:  the need to control everything or anything…we control nothing.

TWO:  the belief that we are doing everything alone…that feeling is the result of being disconnected from source, God, the Universe or whatever else you refer to as the energy that keeps the entire Universe and everything in it in amazing precise order and harmony. You are no less significant.

When I first heard the inner call to work with the plant medicine ayahuasca, I did not know HOW that would happen. However, since I work closely with spirit and trust the voices in my head (after practicing in a psychic school every week for 12 years), I knew I would be lead in the right direction for answers.

Even though I said yes to the call back in 2012, I did not have any money at the time to make it happen. I followed the facilitator’s suggestion to raise funds on Indiegogo and was successful. That first adventure was a dream come true and life changing experience beyond comprehension.

When I came home and discovered I knew things I didn’t know I knew, meaning I would have a thought that was new to me and it made perfect sense, I asked my guides how long this would continue to unfold? They told me 3 years. I knew I would return and bring a group with me…I just didn’t know when or how. Those 3 years would be ending in May 2015.

When the pull and call to return started to surface from different unrelated situations and sources about October/November of last year, I knew it was time to return.

The adventure this time was equally unclear as to how I would answer this inner pull to work more deeply with grandmother Ayahuasca AND bring people with me. I just kept listening for my next effortless action. I reached out to the founder of the Children of the Sun Foundation who I went with on the first expedition and just kept leaning into the fog. She gave me some helpful but limited information. I didn’t know who would be interested so I just started asking and putting it out there.

Not knowing HOW does not mean you sit back meditating and wait for everything to be served to you on a silver platter. It means you LISTEN to those same sublte nudgings that began the call. THAT voice will nudge you to contact someone in particular, to turn in a specific direction at just the right time, to scroll down a page when you would not have otherwise…and it leads you to just the right answer, person, or item you need to further your growth and path.

No matter what it is that you desire to create, manifest, or intend…the answer is generally the same…AND HERE’S YOUR C.L.U.E…





If you find yourself pushing or chasing things, you have disconnected from source and are trying to do it on your own. You are relying on your limited thinking which happens to be based mostly on the beliefs of others. Trying to see or hear life through those filters causes confusion. You can only take effortless actions when your power center is clear and source energy (God) is moving smoothly through this energy center at your solar plexus.

If you’d like to get on the list for an Amazon adventure next year, sent me an email with the subject: AMAZON 2016 and I’ll put you on the list for applications for next year. You have a whole year to prepare…no excuses!! 😉

If you’d like to work with me when I return, set-up an appointment now for a complimentary 1 hour Money Breakthrough Assessment here.

I look forward to connecting…