Numbers…The Secret to Your Success

Numbers are not sexy.

They are highly charged energetically and most people avoid them like the plague.   That’s just on the outside.

The secret of numbers lies underneath. Understanding the hidden powers held within numbers gives you more clarity and power.

I’m not talking about numerology or astrology…although I have nothing against them. There is something else…

Once you are willing to look beyond being judged by numbers and feeling less than, not measuring up, feeling inadequate, and somehow inferior…you will see the importance and connection numbers have to your lack mindset. Your inability to create the life you desire and the struggles you face especially when it come to making more money can be directly linked to number, and I’m not talking bank account.

The uncomfortable feeling that arises when you talk about or hear about numbers is something that already exists in you…its your self-judgement.

Take for instance, when you step on the scale to weigh yourself. If you have an expectation before you step on that scale and you have self judgement, when the number does not meet your expectation…you judge yourself. You make the number have a meaning and the meaning is attached to a feeling. You may not say in your head “I am incompetent”, however, you may feel incompetent.

Being unable to reach your goal may make you feel like it’s not good enough. The reality is that a deeper part of you does not feel enough. The number on the scale is just a trigger or reminder of what you already believe about yourself.

What if you could step on the scale and there was no charge…no judgement? It would be easier to take in the information.

The reality is…it’s just information. Numbers let you know how close you are to your goal and tell you if you need to make adjustments in what you are eating, or to be more active. It is then up to you to make additional choices as to how you would change what you eat or how you become more active.

If you think it means…don’t step on the scale anymore to avoid those feelings…that’s choosing to be unconscious. That’s a choice too.

Take a fever for instance. There are all kinds of meanings you can give to an elevated thermometer reading. You can judge yourself as being negligent of self-care and if you had taken better care of yourself you wouldn’t be sick. Or, you may be convinced it means you are being punished for something. Or, you may be of the opinion that it means you were meant to avoid being on a plane that crashed. Or, you may believe it means someone has created yet another illness to avoid life’s responsibilities. Or, you may conclude that your body is trying to heal itself and is burning off toxins. Or, you may presume that you have a virus and an elevated white blood count.

You can see what happens when you pass information through a filter. If the filter is charged with judgements, you will never see anything positive. However, all of those meanings have nothing to do with the number. The thermometer reading of 103.6 is just information that does not make you wrong or a bad person. Before you judge your thermometer, consider this…

If you want to accelerate your progress in any endeavor, its imperative to know what your numbers are. Where are you in the stream of anything? Whether its improving your golf par or avoiding speeding tickets, lowering your cholesterol or shedding a few pounds, knowing your numbers are the difference between success and unpleasant results…there are no failures.

I have recently added a bookkeeper to my team, although she is far more than a bookkeeper. Over dinner last night, I was fascinated how our worlds intersected through numbers. I was intrigued by how both of our worlds use numbers to help our clients become more conscious and aware and especially how that translated into lives that become more on purpose, vibrant, and alive.

When it comes to money, this is especially true when people get triggered by numbers. You can either avoid the numbers and keep driving in the dark…hmmm…crash and burn or meet them face to face so you can confront your deepest fears and throw those back seat drivers to the curb! It’s a choice. Knowing where you are financially, can help calm your fears because then you can take charge and make a conscious plan to get where you want to go.

If you have a great financial plan, however you still have fears that it will never be enough, or beliefs that all people who make a lot of money are unscrupulous, or you’re convinced past experiences will be repeated such as…if you make a bunch of money some unexpected bill will just devour it anyway so why try…your success will be quite laborious. Those beliefs will create that reality. You will manifest those outcomes.

Conversely…if your energetic money numbers are clear and running smoothly and at a high vibration and you have no financial plan, this is like having a newly tuned car with a full tank of gas and nowhere to go.

Knowing where you are energetically regarding your finances is a winning combination…the financial numbers (P&L statements, etc.) and the energetic vibration of your actual money, gives you a complete picture.

If you are sick and tired of worrying about money and ready to change your financial picture, create a healthy relationship with your money so you can have peace of mind and enjoy life…schedule your complimentary 1 hour Money Breakthrough Assessment here.

Find out what your vibrational money frequency is and how you can raise it. Higher frequency = more money!