Highest Vibes HAWAII Retreat March 2018

One of the most common questions I get asked is: Do you teach what you do?

The answer is a resounding YES! Finally, I’ll be teaching a select group of healers, coaches, and light workers HOW to do what I do…

If you don’t know where you are, you can’t know where you are going…

If you are ready to stop being influenced by the top 1%, desire to ride the front wave of energetic transformation with the newest downloads from infinite intelligence, and ripe to quantum leap into your next level of success, joy and fulfillment…then join us for this exciting adventure!!

DISCOVER through experience…less curriculum and more experiential practice:

  • How to measure vibrational frequencies? Martyr, victim, shame, anger, masculine, feminine, love, gratitude, joy, body systems for optimal health…and so much more!
  • How to find and clear stuck energies?
  • How to find and clear spirit entities? Any unresolved past lives with them?
  • How to find and clear energy cords to people?
  • How to clear past life energy that is affecting you today?

Keep checking back for updates or email me to get on the list to be notified first about the details or for your application: kim@kimberlysherry.com







Rejuvenate and renew on the Big Island of Hawaii at a magical Eco-luxury Permaculture and Butterfly Sanctuary.

When: March 2018 (7 days)

Where: Hawaii…set in the rain forest on the east side of the Big Island

How Many: only 10

What’s Included:
Experiential Teachings
Healing Exchanges
On-island excursions

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