Quantum Leap 30 day Program


Looking for private, one-to-one guidance and specific-to-you energetic clearing?  

  • Are you a conscious entrepreneur who has not yet mastered the money piece? You feel abundant but not with money.
  • Do you have a meditation practice, say affirmations, practice yoga, worked with other coaches and STILL are not seeing results?
  • Are you in a business development program and feel overwhelmed by all your stuff surfacing?

This 30 day program is for you if… 

  • You are ready to hyper accelerate your growth and expansion.
  • You have dedicated your life to a course of self-mastery.
  • You know you have “lack mindsets” but don’t know how to break through.
  • You have plenty of evidence to support your “lack” mindset and you BELIEVE that you “can’t afford” a 3 month program.
  • You have been disappointed in the past with other programs and coaches.
  • You can manifest easily but it’s not reliable or consistent.
  • You make plenty of money, but it never seems to be enough.
  • You don’t really enjoy your money because you are working too hard and are exhausted.
  • You crave peace of mind and want to stop worrying about losing money.
  • You are ready to change your relationship with money.
  • You know how to take responsibility for everything you create.



This program offers both private 1:1 support and group support.
Align yourself for effortless success, prosperity, and money! Get ready to amplify your wealth in all areas of your life whether it’s a wealth of love, financial abundance or a wealth of health!!


This is what you get with this 30-day program:

  • Personal Vibrational Temperature Report 10-12 page report ($49 value)
  • (1) Private 1:1 Healing/Clearing session: 1-1.5  hours ($500 value)
  • Tri-weekly readings of your personal energetic temperature via text. ($1000 value)
  • (2) Q&A Group calls with current clients ($250 value)
  • Tools to keep your vibration high between sessions.
  • Email access with 24 hour response Monday – Friday.
  • Private Wealth Without Worry Facebook Group
  • BONUSThe Energy of Money 6-week group program ($497) value
  • BONUS ~ First Month FREE: Private High Vibes Monthly Membership – access (1) Global Monthly Meditation/Clearing & (1) Global Q&A each month, plus all previous archives ($49 value).

You will experience the following:

  • You’ll stop settling for less, being last on your list or feel taken advantage of.
  • More effortless manifestations, feeling more magnetic.
  • You’ll come out of energetic hiding so your clients can find you.
  • Less confusion and more clarity of your personal truth.
  • Experience more magical evidence that you are never alone.
  • Discover how to minimize the law of polarity…abundance followed by lack.
  • Discover why you can be abundant and still not able to make enough money.
  • Create balance in both giving and receiving.
  • Amplified masculine and feminine energies to 100% so you can problem solve and get things done while being able to drop into your heart without the pain.
  • Communicate money issues without getting triggered.
  • Feel deserving of an abundance of money.
  • Feel 100% unconditionally loving toward yourself.
  • Break hidden vows of poverty and family agreements of lack and struggle.
  • Create realistic intentions that cause massive expansion not splatter.
  • Learn a simple daily meditation that will carry you beyond the 30 days.

Who this is best suited for?

  • PRIMARILY: Powerful conscious women on a world changing mission who want to keep more of the money they make and stop worrying about losing it.
    SECONDARILY : Gifted coaches, healers, light workers, and awakening entrepreneurs.
  • Those who know they have money sh*t and can’t break through.
  • Those who are great with making money and are working way too hard to enjoy it.
  • Those who have been previous 6 & 7 figure earners yet are unable to get back to the same results. What worked in the past no longer works.
  • Those in tune with their intuition and can move energy quickly.  They just need to know where to shine the light.
  • Those who already have some sort of method, practice or way of creating shifts in their life.
  • Those who feel deeply they are meant to have an abundance of money in their life and that their wealth is part of their higher calling towards helping the evolution of the planet and humanity.
  • Those who have a very clear global intention of how they intend to use their wealth to benefit not only themselves, but humanity and the planet.
  • Those who have exhausted other avenues of increasing consistent wealth and are at a loss for what else to do.
  • Those who know how to be accountable for everything they create in their life.
  • Those who are tired of wasting valuable time and resources and are really ready for a major shift in their life.

Why this is different from anything else and why you can expect results?

  • You will experience a more effortless approach…being energetically taken to the highest vibration possible in your first session and then watch everything in your life that can not sustain this high frequency begin to shift.
  • You will get a tri-weekly energetic temperature readings including your actual wealth and money frequencies…an invaluable service that keeps you connected to your financial energetic health on a regular basis!
  • You will see literal measurable numeric results.
  • You do not need to discover, examine, identify, nor dissect limiting beliefs or root causes.
  • It doesn’t matter what your parents believed about money nor how it affected you in order to get results.
  • You will receive a personal/private clearing and healing and in ONE SESSION…not in weeks or months, you will begin to shift your specific situation.
  • Discover easy tools to keep your wealth and money frequencies flowing in between private sessions.

 Why I am best suited to work with you?

  • The most important reason is that you intuitively know we are meant to work together…you can feel it.
  • I know poverty first hand, having grown up on welfare with deep religious programming that condemned money as the root of all evil and considered having things as being materialistic.
  • I have healed and continue to heal my money story.
  • When I first discovered how to sustain my wealth and money frequencies, I made $6,000 in just a few days.
  • I have helped others create financial success and expansion (see success stories).
  • I lead a life of effortless manifesting, with the freedom to travel, an abundance of friends, love, and increasing wealth.
  • I have spent the last 18 years honing my gift of intuition and healing.
  • I am on the cutting edge and on the front wave of new energetic discoveries that are downloaded to me.

Who will NOT benefit from this program?

  • Those who are committed to their stories.
  • Those who like to complain and make excuses.
  • Those who are looking for a magic pill.
  • Those who operate through fear and are afraid to change their life.
  • Those who blame others for their current situation.
  • Those who do not know how to be accountable for what they create.
  • Those who do not have a bigger vision of helping others.


Over $2350 value…

FEE: $750  Pay Here