The Awakened Predator


The word “predator” has been assigned to the weakest and most depraved parts of humanity. It stirs fears of being stalked, kidnapped and victimized or exploited. It is a very dark energy to be avoided at all cost.

What if there was another side of the predator that has been hidden and pushed down? What if this energy has been made wrong because those in authority knew its power and felt threatened by it? What if you could embody this energy to empower yourself and inspire others?

I was recently introduced to the true energy of the predator by Bo Eason at Brendon Burchard’s Worlds Greatest Speaker Training. Bo is an International Presence/Story Coach who will be working with me as I hone my stage presence as an inspirational  speaker.

He told us about the African Nuba tribe who never get eaten by predator cats unlike their neighboring tribes. He explained how the Nuba tribesman walk like a predator cat…very grounded,  present, certain and aware. I imagined them emitting an energy as they walk through the jungle that tells these cats they know where they are while they transmit a frequency that makes these cats think they are much bigger and more powerful than their bodies show. The predator cats know the Nuba tribes people are not to be messed with. Instead the cats respect them. The only time they get eaten is when they’ve been drinking and they let their guard down. The big cats wait for these moments.

In the days after this 4-day training, I started to pay greater attention to this predator aspect of our innate human nature. Some interesting things started showing up.

I had a client that shared a story about having been arrested for a DUI and while in the back of the car had a flashback of past trauma and thought the police were taking her someplace to kill her. She wet her pants. I shared my empathy because I though she was so scared. She said “No, I was so angry that I would have shit my pants if I could have!” When I heard this, I realized that she had tapped into her predator energy and was marking her territory like predator cats. It was instinctual and primal.

It started to become apparent why the Universe was introducing this predator energy to me now. One, I had a good handle on my anger energy. I keep it at 0%, not through spiritual bypassing and suppressing, but instead by finding the places that anger exists each time it arises so it can be eliminated. It’s an energy I track by using my super powers to measure vibrational frequencies.

Let me be clear that this does not mean I don’t or can’t get angry if I need to. I know I can access anger anytime. I can go from zero to 100% in a flash if necessary. I just don’t have it brewing in the background just out of awareness like most people. It’s very hard on the nervous system.

The second reason I felt this predator energy was being introduced to me is that I had made room for it. For nearly two decades I had been releasing outgrown spirit guides that at one time were useful but no longer were. These had been protecting me for many lifetimes. Yet, the more I expanded the more I could see how they had kept me small. They kept me from speaking my truth, saying what I intuitively knew to be true, and from stepping into my power…all in an attempt to keep me from getting burned at the stake, or the gallows and guillotine yet again. As I evolved they were no longer necessary. I only find what is ready to be released.

As I became more aware of the predator, it felt like I was being introduced to the most powerful energy of our innate nature. It seemed like it could be fierce if it ever needed to. At the same time, this predator energy felt incredibly grounded, calm, certain and keenly focused. I could feel it emitting and projecting 360 degrees around my body. I started to walk a little different…smooth and steady with acute awareness.

As I introduced this awakened energy to a client I had been working with for several months and felt had gotten control of his anger, I found new places that energy hides. These were places he was not fully allowing his awakened predator energy to embody. There were energies in the 20th layer of his aura, as well as the layers above the crown and below in the root, all new places I had never seen congested quite like this before. He started the session with only 15% predator energy and ended with 100% by the time we had finished.

When I work with clients now, I do not introduce and amplify the Awakened Predator before anger is under control. Amplifying those at the same time could be potentially hazardous. This can be seen with Donald Trump who has 100% predator, 100% anger, 95% shame…not a trustworthy combo. If you have a high degree of anger with your predator, people will avoid you, feel afraid or uncomfortable around you and not know why, and it will be hard for your clients to energetically find you.

After I raised my predator energy from 95% to 100%. I released another outgrown spirit guide that had worked with me for 260 lifetimes! That was the oldest to date. That represents a lot of growth and evolution to no longer need a guide after 260 lifetimes.

A couple days later, I found the mother lode…365 lifetimes with 50 unresolved past lives! This not only seemed huge, but 365 seemed like the end of a cycle. Usually it will take only a few minutes to release an outgrown guide. However, this took several days to release and clear residual energies. The unresolved lifetimes had to do with not feeling safe to be in my power, false thinking that women are weak and worthless, lots of self-judgements in my heart against my intuition, ritual abuse, threat energy towards speaking my truth, grief, fear, fury, rage and terror.

My guides informed me this would take about 30 days to integrate and process.

The following day, I felt vulnerable and weepy for no apparent reason. Waves of sorrow and grief for all past suffering would wash over me. Lifetimes of suffering….and not just for myself. This was for all womenkind. I questioned if this was the right thing to do? Maybe I shouldn’t have released that protective guide, I thought to myself. Then spirit reminded me, “It’s always better on the other side. You are just expanding.”

I felt into the truest essence of my innate power. Unlike the contracted energy of fearful anger, it felt calm, expansive, deeply grounded, acutely aware, and extremely present. As I continue to expand into this powerful  protecting energy of my inner Awakened Predator, I know all is well in my world.