The Ultimate & Final Preparation for 2013 & Beyond

We have just entered the final quarter of this most exciting epic year of 2012!!

How do you prepare for this one shot deal never to be repeated again…at least not for another 26,000 years!

This is not about how to survive through December 21, 2012, but what you can do starting today to prepare for the most successful, joyous and exciting time of your life in 2013 and beyond.  Success requires planning and there are simple things you can do now.  There are other things that just being aware of will make all the difference between struggling and thriving.  What we do NOW will determine and set the stage for this new cycle beyond 2012.

Here is my list of must do’s to make this transition as easy and gentle as possible:

  1. Be decisive!  Since there is quickening of energies, many perceive this as time speeding up, decisive action is critical.  Rapid changes are upon us.  There is no longer a moment to waste in your preparation.  Follow your gut, your body never lies.
  2. Let go!  As you’ve been waking up, becoming more aware and conscious, it has no doubt become very clear that what is no longer working must be released…we must let go of the way things have been to open the way and make room for the new.  Those who try to hold onto the old ways and those resisting will have the hardest time.  They are creating their ground work for this new cycle…it will be more struggle.
  3. Examine your beliefs!  This is the greatest opportunity to determine what programs are old, outdated, not our personal truth and not working.  Everyone’s beliefs will become much more obvious and exaggerated as the world around us reflects back to us what those beliefs are.  If you believe that life is difficult and a struggle…that is what will be reflected.  If you believe there is not enough time, money, love, support…then that is what you will see.  The world around us is our mirror. The way the Universe supports the release of these outdated beliefs and programs is it presents us with an opportunity to have to make a decision.  We can do it the way we have always done things and get the same results or we can choose to do it differently in a way that is more in alignment with our personal truth and our divine nature.
  4. Eliminate the word “try”.  You set yourself up for failure with this word, never accomplishing your goal because you were only trying.  Instead commit to something and plan for success.
  5. Stop telling your old story.  You reinforce it every time you do.  What you focus on expands so commit to mindfully focusing on how you envision your life next year.  Start telling a new story.  This leads to the best way to do that…
  6. Prepare for your vision board.  This is important timing!  Use the lunar energies between now and the new moon on September 16th to clear everything that is in the way of you manifesting you truest desires.  The new moon is a time for planting seeds of intention, but first the soil must be prepared and cleared for planting.
  7. Finish your vision board on/by September 16th.  There are lot of ways to create vision boards or dream boards as I call them.  After nearly a decade of using them, I have developed what I feel is the most powerful way to create one.  This is completely outlined in my Dream Architect Workbook.  You can get yours NOW by clicking here:
  8. Choose a Word, or two, for the final quarter.  I chose ALIGNMENT and FOCUS.  Alignment is what is happening on December 21,2012.  This date is the height or pinnacle of a long awaited alignment of stars, planets, the sun and our galaxy as a whole.  It is an alignment that is allowing the greatest of energies to pour forth to further along our evolution allowing our hearts to expand and allow more love and light to reveal our true nature.  Focus is the word I picked at a recent women’s networking event where a basket of intentional stones was passed…it seemed so perfect.
  9. Remember you are never alone.  The Universe not only wants us to grow but has provided a myriad of support.  It is much easier to access help from our spirit guides and the angelic realm at this time.  Yes, this help has always been there, but the veil is thinner now.  So if you have been feeling overwhelmed, lacking support, and struggling in general, it is a clear indication that you have disconnected from your support system, you have disconnected from source.  Reconnect through mindful intention.

What will December 21,2012 mean for you?

I believe most people will be disappointed by what they experience on this long awaited, super hyped-up day.  A day filled with speculation and controversy.  The majority of people, including many who are considered more conscious, are putting such high expectations on this day that most will feel let down.

Those who are looking at a bigger picture know that this pinpointed date is only the ultimate peak of a very long transition we have been going through for years and will take years to subside.

It is the peak of many cycles converging at once.  One as long as 26,000 years, another 5,125 years, many astrological cycles and many more I can’t remember.   It is a grand alignment that has taken a long time to happen.  So for most this isolated day will seem much like the previous day and the day to follow.

Here’s how I see it…

I believe this fall season is our last opportunity to work with the energies that are all aligning in our favor.

What we do during this final stretch will determine how prepared we are for the winter season to follow…a time of deep introspection and contraction.

Depending on how disappointed you are about what happens or doesn’t happen on December 21st, will determine to what depths you will need to go during the hibernation of the winter season.

Winter will be a time of profound contraction to allow the processing of everything we have been faced with.  For most it will be difficult to understand what is taking place and may be felt internally as very intense.

Following the Universal law of yin and yang, contraction precedes expansion.  We need to go deep within to bring forth undiscovered truths about ourselves.

I believe a very radical evolution will unfold as the result of cosmic cleansing, rewiring of our DNA, information that is being downloaded, and the redefining of our beliefs.

We will all emerge from our chrysalis in the spring at various speeds and in a variety of colors.  Those who are still resisting will still be struggling.  Dark elements of society will still be alive and well but with far less tolerance.

There will be a much louder voice for the new changes emerging.  A growing society of heartfelt collaboration, personal empowerment, and creative vision like never before thought possible will come to light.

The prophecy of the eagle and the condor will have proven that technology and spirit can not only co-exist, but need each other to thrive beyond imagination.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

What do you envision?