Top 10 Signs You Are Addicted to Misery

By Kimberly Sherry, Int’l Energy Expert

I meet people all the time who are sick of their life, are ready to give up their story, desperate for a positive change…so they say.

What I’ve discovered is they may say those things, but the reality is many are not as ready as they think. They are addicted to their misery, pain, drama, sadness, anger, and loneliness and are completely unaware this is the case.

When you live your life in an unconscious, unaware state, you have no idea why you keep doing the same things over and over. You may feel life is just happening to you. You may feel helpless, victimized, and live in a cycle of endless self-sabotage.
How can you know if you really want to change your life or are just entertaining the idea?

Here are the top 10 signs you are addicted to misery:

  1. You keep telling your story…of the helpless victim that is broken, damaged, and defective.
    Every time you tell your story, you reinforce it. What you focus on expands. Instead, start telling a new story. The one you would envision if money and time were unlimited. Each time you tell the “new” story, you create and reinforce new neural pathways that can support your vision.
  2. When people offer advice and help, you respond with…”Ya but…”, “I can’t because…“, or “You don’t understand…”
    When you are addicted to misery, you defend your state of being. You elaborate on all the ways it is true. That is the unconscious ego speaking. It always needs to be right.
  3. When people offer advice and help you respond with…”I’ll try, but I don’t think it will work.”
    Trying is setting yourself up for failure. Trying is never accomplishing or completing a goal or intention. Trying creates the energy of testing something out. If you make attempts with the idea that it won’t work anyway, your subconscious ego will make sure you are right. Instead of “trying”…make a conscious commitment that is on purpose.  Then have someone hold you accountable.
  4. You are stuck in the past.
    People who spend most of their time in the past wishing for what used to be happier times, miss important opportunities in their current life to experience joy. The present moment is the only place from which you can create a better future. It’s where we create changed potential outcomes for the future.
  5. You compare yourself to others and always conclude inadequacy.
    This can cause comparison paralysis. You can always find someone who seems to be doing or having a better life than you. This comes from a place of lack and emptiness. As an alternative, clear the judgements from your heart and keep re-deciding every day to do your personal best from your full and overflowing heart.
  6. All of your friends are miserable and unhappy.
    We’ve all heard that misery loves company. It’s the law of attraction…like attracts like. A great antidote for misery is to surround yourself with others you admire, who live happy, joyful lives. Notice what you respect about them. Let them be role models for you and an inspiration.
  7. You are on meds for depression or anxiety.
    Look deeper on this one and see if it has become part of the story. It may come under “trying” to help yourself. While medication has its place, it is often just a bandaid and never gets to the root of the issue. It can reinforce the belief that you are somehow broken beyond repair…that is a lie.
  8. You think the answer is outside of you.
    This kind of thinking disowns personal power and responsibility and keeps you in the victim mode. You will also tend to blame others. This also distracts you from our personal truth…what is true for you?  You have all of our own answers and information, you just need to learn to listen and trust it.
  9. You become self-absorbed.
    People who are miserable often have a hard time thinking of anyone besides themselves. Their whole world is about them and why their life sucks. They have become isolated because they hold the belief that everyone is a potential threat, out to hurt them in some way. A great remedy is to get out and help others worse off than you. Did you just say…”no one is worse off than me”? That should be number 10. You can always find people in worse conditions. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen for the homeless. Help the paralyzed or elderly, or volunteer at an abused animal shelter. This will help create a new, more expanded perspective.
  10. After reading all of this you have concluded…”she doesn’t understand…my story is different.”
    You are not ready to give up your addiction.


My belief is that addiction is misplaced passion. When you have not yet discovered what your life purpose and reason for being on this planet are, you may misplace that passion for a substitute that may not be very healthy. Misery creates physical stress on your body and contributes to, not only physical illness and dis-ease, but will definitely make existing conditions worse.

For those of you who are seriously ready and committed to changing your misery into a life of relief, joy, peace, and excitement about the journey of life, especially as it relates to m-o-n-e-y, I invite you to see what’s possible for you through a 30 min. complimentary money breakthrough assessment HERE.

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