Top 9 Signs of Awakening

License Plate Y AWAKENWhat are you awakening from and what are you awakening to?

This is a great contemplation as this new year begins.

I believe we are becoming more aware and waking to the notion that we are not separate. We are connected, not only to each other, but to the source of our creation…some call this God, others call it a higher power or the divine.

The root cause of all suffering is the sense of separate existence.” – Amma Bhagavan

I grew up in a religious cult and have disconnected from religion, but have found a deep-seated, personal, and private connection with a powerful omnipresent force much greater than myself.

For some, awakening has been a profound moment when their entire life changed in an instant. This was possibly brought on by a near death experience, a head on collision, a sudden divorce, a crisis of conscience, or some other great tragedy that became a wake-up call.

For others, like myself, it has been more gradual with many profound moments that became life changing, creating greater awareness of connection to my place in life, my purpose on the planet, and my connection to source energy.

As the increasing energetic vibrations of the planet rise and are felt by every human, whether you are conscious of it or not, you will experience changes. Without awareness of these changes…fear, confusion, and anxiety may arise.


In reflection, here’s how I see this awakening may manifest…


1) Increased awareness of your body. This may include more acute sensitivities to everything including noise, crowds, smells, and foods that may not have been an issue before. These perceptions may guide you to take better care of the only place you have to live. Exercise and getting out in the fresh air may seem like a necessity and not just a desire.

2) Body sensations for no apparent reason may occur, such as a tingling on the top of your head or in your third eye at your forehead. These are more evolved chakras that allow a direct connection to the supreme being and greater psychic awareness. This is a sign these chakras are more active, opening and releasing.

 3) Increased detoxification symptoms. Releasing old aspects of ourselves, including ways of thinking, doing, and being are releasing on a deep cellular level. When your body vibration is kept high, all of these lower vibrating energies will be released and may be felt on a body level as being sick, fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, skin eruptions, etc. When your body vibration is high with these symptoms, you are having a healing crisis. You can also experience these symptoms when your vibration is low but that reason is a lowered immune system. Either way use common sense and see your doctor if you have a serious condition or illness.



 4) Past way of thinking no longer work. Old paradigms adopted by our parents become obvious that these are not our personal truths. Concepts like “you must work hard to make a living” are changing. We now have permission to live a life we love and get paid well for it. Life experiences, such as traveling, are replacing “things” that make you happy. Radical change is underway throughout our government, corporations, and in technology.

5Greater psychic awareness. Your thoughts often reflect the energetic vibration you happen to be at. As you raise your energetic vibration, you have access to more aha’s you would not have otherwise. Your viewpoints will change to reflect this higher vibration of peace, ease, and joy. You will have a greater knowingness and will “see” the world with greater understanding and compassion.

6) Manifestations occur more easily. People are beginning to understand how our thoughts create our reality and the connection between what we are creating in our life and what we have been thinking. More people are consciously paying attention to their thoughts, replacing negative loop thinking with positive outcomes they would like to experience.


SPIRIT ~ (how you feel)

7) Deep internal feelings surface. For some, these are subtle and for others very profound as feelings of love and compassion for others begin to rise and radiate out. Old ways of thinking affect how we feel. As these release, we may experience some of the feelings that are also releasing.

8) Feeling connected to others… may cause you to have more compassion for total strangers. The knowledge that we are 99.9% genetically identical, helps the outer differences to fade. Tears of unexplained sadness may arise as we connect to global grief on the planet.

9) Synchronicities abound.
 This is a sign you are aligned with these higher frequencies. Multiple numbers begin to be seen everywhere…on digital clocks, license plates, addresses. Personal license plates passing by may have messages for you.y identical makes the exterior differences seem to fade. You may answer someone’s question  just before they ask…


The awakening process can be very challenging, especially if we don’t understand what is happening. Waking from this deep disconnection to source is an ongoing process that takes time, diligence and patience. Knowing what we are currently experiencing is a sign of this ever changing, evolving, and transforming life and planet can help to ease our body, mind and spirit.