What’s An Intuitive Healer?

AvatarThis is definitely my most frequently asked question.
While intuitive healing is often disguised in massage, there is much more going on than you may realize.
Intuitive healers have a special gift that makes them more acutely aware of subtleties in the body and in the energetic field that surrounds the body.  Their awareness compares to other people’s,  much like a dog’s hearing compares to a human’s.
The healers do not technically do the healing.  They just know how to communicate without words to the person receiving the healing, so that they can heal themselves.
Healers use all of their senses of sight, intuition or knowing, kinesis (knowing through touch), clairvoyance (clear seeing), and clairaudience (clear hearing), in addition of their knowledge of the body and how its systems work to determine the best way to access and release blocked life force energy.

Some healing can be done without touching the body, as is necessary with burn victims or those with other severe physical injuries.

However, since most people are touch deprived, I like to use massage as a medium for intuitive healing.  It’s something that most people easily understand and it feels incredibly nurturing and relaxing.

What an intuitive healer does not do is diagnose or treat disease.  If you think you have a life threatening illness or disease, please consult a medical professional.