When God’s Answer is “NO!”


First, let me say that using the term “God” is just a way to simplify all the uses of “the energy that binds all the Universes in an orderly fashion”, your Higher Power, Divine Intelligence, Allah, Jehovah, the Supreme Being, Source Energy, and many other terms you may use.

While I no longer believe in the God I was raised with, I do believe I am guided by a Supreme Intelligence as well as spirit guides and angels.

Whether you believe in God or not, how do you make decisions? If your decisions are purely decided in your head, the information presented in this article will give you another option…namely, trusting something bigger than yourself that has nothing to do with figuring it out in your head. With practice, it saves time, energy, and gives you peace of mind.

This is where most people get confused, begin to doubt, feel let down by past impulses, and get back up in their heads.

Even if you do trust in “something bigger than you”, sometimes it can feel challenging to know with certainty what direction you should go or what choice you should make?  Are you making a decision to please someone else or is it in “your” best interests?

Here is the #1 way to tell if the direction you are headed is a “NO” or just your resistance…

I’m going to share my own recent experience to give you an example.

Those of you who have been following me now that I went to the Amazon jungle three years ago as the result of listening to my higher guidance. How did I know it was my higher guidance? The idea of going came from three different, unrelated  sources. Every time I leaned into the idea by implementing simple actions, such as researching on the internet, sending email inquiries, etc., things seemed to flow easily.

When I started to feel resistance, I backed off and let it brew and simmer. Then it pulled me back in again when I got a response to my email. Every step of the way seemed to flow.

This is the biggest way to know if you are on track with a decisiondoes it flow…? I had also checked the vibrational frequency of the trip, the facilitators, and participants. All had high vibrational numbers which was further validation I was being lead by something bigger than myself.

Sometimes, however, things don’t go so smoothly and this creates confusion and doubt. More recently, after returning from my second trip to the Amazon jungle in April of this year, I began to implement another calling I had while I was in the jungle. This was to bring the shaman to California so he could share his ancient wisdom with those here.

This time, however, it was a struggle in nearly every direction. While we were able to secure an amazing 50 acre retreat location in Rancho Sante Fe, nothing else seems to flow. The shaman wasn’t as ready as he had hoped, still needing a visa. We did not feel confident in his ability to get his supplies and medicines to the states. Finding a suitable shaman replacement was unfruitful at every turn.

Does this mean it was a “bad” idea?

Not in this case. The vibrational frequency of bring him to the U.S. was high. However, what I’ve learned over time is when it’s this difficult and it feels like you are pushing the river…it is not meant to be, at least for the moment. It was not a complete “no”…just a “not now.” Sometimes we need to be patient as the timing is not aligned.

This was a big disappointment since what I thought was the right direction, turned out to be something different. As soon as I release “my” expectations, I felt tremendous relief. I knew this was meant to unfold in another way.

Learning to trust our higher intelligence is a process that takes time and practice. It is easiest if you stay in our heart, instead of our head, while listening to your body and not forcing anything.