Women’s Greatest Power and Why It’s So Hard to Embrace It

The recent solar eclipse that swathed a path across the U.S. was an extremely powerful event that you may not quite be aware of the impact.

The moon, representing the feminine aspects of both women and men, got a chance to reset the feminine energy as it passed in front of and eclipsed the masculine energy of the sun.

An eerie subdued twilight preceded the emergence of the new feminine out of the darkness crossing a threshold into a new era.

The new energies that were amplified, whether you are aware or not, are the feminine energies of the heart. Most people know heart energy as the loving kindness, compassionate, nurturing aspects of the feminine. There is also the feminine aspects of creativity.

However, there is a feminine energy that has been deeply hidden with most women. It’s the energy that got her beheaded, burned at the stake, hanged, and pushed down in general. This is the powerful energy of her intuition, her innate intelligence, and her knowing.

What I have noticed showing up in my clients especially since the eclipse is the energy that blocks your ability to speak up, set boundaries, say no, and speak your truth from the heart.

The reason this is such a challenge is because as soon as you start to step into your
power and especially the power of your voice, you start to bump up against old unresolved energies brought into this lifetime that beg to be resolved. These old energies may also be connected to outgrown spirit guides. They may have once been helpful but now that you have evolved past the point of them being useful they are just hindering you as they continue to op
erate from an outdated paradigm. You have had many lifetimes where you were killed for what you knew to be true.

Once you become aware of the fact that this is what women are now stepping into as part of the next step of evolution, you will start to see it everywhere.

I’m seeing it in ALL my clients. I’m seeing it in myself as I step into a greater degree of this myself…standing more strongly in what is my personal truth. I’m speaking up more for myself. I’m saying “no” to things that are not working and not feeling like I have to be responsible for and manage the response. Releasing your martyr and victim energy are critical for this as well.

I’m also doing a LIVE weekly FB Inspiration (at 11:11 PST) to stretch my speaking abilities. This was preceded by a 30-day challenge where I did a LIVE video every day for 30 days. It’s a challenge I think every entrepreneur should do. It’s a great way to push your stuff to the surface. Whatever you are afraid of will show up. You will forget what to say, technology will not cooperate, and you will forget your tripod and your make-up! Haha! Then you will see…it’s not the end of the world, the thought was scarier than reality, and you will grow in the process.

The Dali Lama said it is the Western Woman that would change the world. It is no accident that the eclipse started on the west coast.

Western Women are changing the world. If you are feeling challenged by this next level of evolution, stepping more fully into your truth from your heart, desiring to finally be heard and to set clear boundaries, I invite you to take a Quantum Leap and stop wasting time. The world need you and the valuable piece you bring to the table NOW!

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