You Don’t Need to be Pregnant to Have a Contraction

Have you every been making great progress on a project, endeavor, or life path and then suddenly, without any apparent reason, things come to a stand-still?…a contraction?

Does it seem like you have lost your motivation, hit a plateau, and can’t muster the energy to get the ball rolling again?

Does it seem like you are swimming in quicksand with concrete boots on?

What happened? How do you get back on track again?

The truth is, you were never off track at all.  Your body is bringing you into a state of contraction so that it can regenerate, integrate, and build more energy.  If this contracted state creates a constriction in your money or flow of clients, this can be quite disturbing.  What can you do?

First you must understand that everything has cycles.  The moon does not stay full.  It can’t always be summer or daytime.  The night serves a crucial purpose in helping your body, mind and spirit to rest, recover, and replenish.

The Universe provides a natural opportunity for reflection and replenishment through the energy of the Mercury retrograde.  Most people know this retrograde for it’s sometimes negative effects on communication and technology.   They are wise to back up their computer especially before this retrograde.

However, there is a more positive aspect of the Mercury retrograde.  During this time the energy is conducive for all the “re” words such as; reflect, review, renew, reconnect, rejuvenate and relax.  This is a great time to take advantage of this natural time to contract and go within to reestablish and restore.

There is a more subtle energy cycle that the body will create during two particular times.  One is when it needs more time to process either a growth period or integrate what you have learned.  The body will contract to save precious energy and recharge your internal coil.  The other is when your body needs more time to collect some important information so that it can feel more certain and confident in the next step you are about to take.  The body goes into a waiting period until it obtains the necessary information.

Symptoms of Contraction:

No motivation

Progress has plateaued

Clients seem to have disappeared

You isolate yourself

Very tired

Excessive daydreaming

Sensitive to noise

Your friends have stopped calling

You need quiet time

Lots of effort needed


While traversing a contraction is not always easy, pleasant or fun, the rewards on the other side are always beneficial revealing a more refreshed, renewed, informed, confident and brighter YOU!

7 Ways to Release a Contraction

  1. Go with the flow.
    Seems obvious, but sometimes we panic and fighting appears to be the only option.  You can exhaust yourself fighting a riptide, or you can go with the flow letting it carry you in what seems like the opposite direction for a brief time to bring you to the place where the waters are calm and you can swim to safety.  The longer you swim against the current, the longer the contracted energy cycle will take.
  2. Get quiet.
    Not only with the lack of noise, but quiet your mind.  It could be through meditation or it could mean just sitting quietly, with the phones off and the door shut long enough for the to-do list to subside and all the people with expectations of you to fall down your grounding cord.  (Grounding video – “Get Grounded”)  When the mind gets quiet enough, you can start to hear the real you, your information, your answers.  Often the correct information can help you step into a new direction out of the contraction.
  3. Soothe your mind.
    Turn off your TV and never watch the news before bed.  Listen to soothing music, read an uplifting book.  What you focus on expands.
  4. Honor your body.
    a.  Make the time to nurture yourself with healthy food.  Binging will only make you feel worse in the long run.  Stop over stimulating your nervous system with caffine, including chocolate (until the contraction is over).
    b.  Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed early enough so you wake naturally before the alarm.  Take a nap to help accelerate the regeneration process (just until the contraction is over or this can disturb your sleep patterns).
    c.  When was the last time you took a lavender scented bath with candles….?  If the thought of that makes you say “yuuuuum!”, it’s been too long.
    d.  Move your body.  This is incredibly therapeutic and really gets your energy moving even if it is just walking.
  5. Run your energy.
    Instructions for how to do this can be found in a brief video on my website.
    (“Raise Your Wealth Frequency Meditation”)
  6. Be patient and release expectations.
    Instead of driving yourself crazy searching for answers, let the answers come to you.  The Universe is on your side and may be putting answers right in front of you.  By being open to other possibilities as answers, you may discover the Universe has a better answer than you were expecting.
  7. If none of the above is working, its time to get a healing from an intuitive healer that you resonate with.  They can help you release energetic blocks that prevent flow in your life and at the same time give you insight as to what you are working on.  This is especially necessary if you have been contracted for more than a month and you are ready to take a next step.

Just as each contraction of a woman giving birth brings her closer and closer to revealing the divine miracle that wants to be birthed, the perfection and beauty within…each contraction of our life brings us closer to our rebirth.

If you are in a RE-creation period…what will you bring forth by honoring your contraction?